Three Methods to Prevent Nightmares

If you are suffering from horrendous dreams, these three methods to prevent nightmares will help you. Nobody enjoys nightmares, although they happen during our sleep to grab our attention. Why? To show us what changes we need in our lives.

Three Methods to Prevent Nightmares

The following are three main reasons why we have nightmares and actions to stop nightmares from occurring.

Sleeping Environment

Where you sleep may affect your dreams. If wolves are howling while you’re camping, you may have dreams about being surrounded by wolves. While your dreams might be sweet when staying at a luxury hotel.

Who you are sleeping with might cause nightmares. I once had a nightmare about not being able to move my legs and wasn’t able to walk. Upon awakening, I realized that my mate was spooning me, while one cat was sleeping by my stomach, and another was next to my legs.

A messy bedroom could seep into your dreams. For instance, a man complained about how he always had nightmares. When I asked what his bedroom was like, he informed me he painted his walls black. No wonder he had nightmares!

If you desire sweet dreams, clean up your sleeping area. This will also help your waking life. Here’s an interesting article about “8 Psychological Problems a Messy Home Can Reveal About Us.

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Nighttime Rituals

The following will encourage nightmares, especially right before bed:

  • The news.
  • Horror movies and books.
  • Violent movies and books.
  • Anything negative.
  • Problems in your life.

Instead, take these actions an hour or so before sleeping:

  • Don’t watch the news.
  • Watch positive or funny shows, movies, or videos.
  • Let go of what you can’t control at the moment.
  • Focus on the positive.
  • Write or think about three things that you are grateful for.


While it’s not productive to focus on your life’s obstacles right before bedtime, this doesn’t mean ignoring them either. You need to deal with childhood issues, work on changing bad behaviors, and find solutions to your problems.

I have received angry and negative feedback from the following quote taken from the book I authored Learn the Secret Language of Dreams:

Nightmares are a gift because the person is being forced awake to look at an issue that they have been avoiding to find a solution.

Pamela Cummins

Again, nobody enjoys a nightmare; nonetheless, they are often triggered by unresolved issues and problems. It is a gift to be alerted on what behaviors you need to change, what issues you have been denying, and where you’re stuck in your life.

If you suffered abuse in your childhood and haven’t dealt with the trauma, then this can either trigger nightmares or posttraumatic stress disorder dreams. Are you ignoring the red flags in your relationship? You will be shown the truth of your relationship through an uncomfortable nightmare. Addictions and bad behaviors are revealed through horrendous dreams.

Your entire being will improve by working on your stuff! Sometimes it can be difficult and uncomfortable emotions can occur. Yet, once you’re through the issue, it diminishes and eventually disappears. Freedom from obstacles brings about a more joyful life!

In Conclusion

May you take whatever method that works best for you, although please don’t ignore your obstacles. If you need assistance with this, check out my services for dream interpretation and personal/spiritual growth.

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