Flower Dream Meanings

This article about flower dream meanings will first cover the general symbolism. Then we will go over the Bouquet card interpretation in a Lenormand reading. And finally, I’ll show how emotions, actions, and what’s happening in your life affect interpreting the flower symbol.

General Flower Dream Meanings

Here are eight generic meanings for dreaming about flowers:

  1. A gift is coming into your life.
  2. It’s time to slow down and smell the roses.
  3. You will be dating.
  4. There will be upcoming romantic times with your partner.
  5. Your mate will give you flowers for Valentine’s Day.
  6. A new beginning will occur in your life.
  7. An upcoming death of a loved one and you will attend their funeral.
  8. You or a loved one are having health issues and could wind up in the hospital.

Lenormand Bouquet Card Meanings

Some readers call the bouquet card, the flower card in Lenormand. I thought the interpretation of this card would be useful for flower dream meanings. These are ten interpretations of this card:

  1. Happy times.
  2. A beautiful and charming person.
  3. A small gift that doesn’t last long.
  4. An unexpected visit.
  5. Invitation to an event.
  6. Showing or having gratitude.
  7. A florist.
  8. A gardener.
  9. Allergies.
  10. Alternative medicine.

Depending upon the layout of other cards and who is reading the Lenormand cards, there are many more interpretations for the bouquet card.

Bouquet Card in Lenormand
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Effects on Flower Dream Meanings

All the above meanings for flowers make sense, yet each dreamer is different. Everyone has their own unique experiences, emotions, and current life lessons, hence creating many meanings for the flower symbol. Let’s take three different types of flowers to demonstrate this theory.

Red Roses

A woman dreams of receiving red roses from a man.

  • One woman awakes, thrilled that her crush gave her flowers.
  • Another woman wakes up terrified because her stalker has been sending her red roses.
  • A third woman feels sad because her deceased husband sent her red roses every birthday and Valentine’s Day.


You’re in your bedroom with the window open and smell the scent of honeysuckle.

  • This dream is a nightmare to a little boy because his dad gave him a whipping in his bedroom, while he smelled honeysuckle.
  • For a man who in his first week of basic training in the army, he wakes up feeling homesick, and wishes he was home with his wife whom he calls Honeysuckle.
  • For myself, this would be a pleasant dream because we have a honeysuckle bush outside our bedroom window. I love the scent of these flowers and it reminds me of Spring.


A man dreams of lilac flowers and his grandmother.

  • One man feels happy because he considers it a visitation from his deceased grandmother since lilacs were her favorite flowers.
  • Another man is disgusted as it is a reminder of when his grandma was in a coffin and the mortician drenched her in lilac perfume.
  • A third man thinks this dream is a sign to visit his grandmother considering he hasn’t visited her in two years.

Final Thoughts on Flowers Dream Meanings

Those general meanings and three simple dreams are just the tip of the iceberg of what the flower’s dream means. If there are other symbols, people, and actions in dreams, then you added even more interpretations. Sprinkle in your past, present obstacles, and possible future to create even more flower dream meanings!

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Dream Interpretation For Flowers

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