Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Dreams

If you experienced a trauma in your life, do you think it just goes away? Maybe you prefer not to open up that can of worms? A harrowing event will not disappear since it is filed away in your subconscious, waiting for a trigger to release it that can cause post-traumatic stress disorder dreams, otherwise know as PTSD dreams.

 Triggers for PTSD Dreams

  • A Christmas ornament from your childhood.
  • The smell of a distinct odor.
  • Someone who looks like your perpetrator.
  • A certain song, commercial, or television program.
  • The feel of wool or silk against your skin.
  • When you hear a certain sound.
  • A bad thunderstorm.
  • Or anything else that is similar to your past situation.

These horrendous past events are sometimes buried deeply and forgotten, or in other words the memories are repressed. Even if you do remember the incident, denial often runs deep. Humans who have deep denial or repressed memories often will not consciously deal with these issues; however, our subconscious mind doesn’t care about how we feel. Repressed experiences often are revealed in dreams as it is easier for a person to deal with it in the dream state. These dreams are referred to as post-traumatic stress disorder dreams or PTSD dreams.

First, let me state that this is not my area of expertise, yet I feel it’s important to educate my readers of this dream category, in case someone are having these types of dreams and doesn’t recognize it.

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PTSD are different than nightmares because the dream is based upon a traumatic event that has already occurred in actual life. A PTSD dream can also become recurring dreams. Or if the memories are repressed the dreamer could have dreams that are filled with symbolism, although experience the feelings that occurred during the incident. Sadly, the dreamer will continue to have PTSD dreams until that person deals with the emotions from the event(s) and the impact it has on his/her life.

9 Horrendous Events that Cause PTSD Dreams

Causes of  PTSD Dreams from Nine Types of Events

  1. Childhood abuse (mental, emotional, physical, or sexual).
  2. Rape.
  3. Domestic abuse.
  4. Stalked by a stalker.
  5. Victim of a crime.
  6. Witness to a person being abused, tortured, or murdered by someone else.
  7. Near death event such as drowning or fire.
  8. Earth disaster; for example, an earthquake, tornado, or tsunami.
  9. War, which is why many vets have suffered from PTSD.

I realize everything on the list is very heavy stuff and may bother you, even if you are fortunate enough to never have to deal with any of those things. For anyone who might have had this happen to them and are dreaming about the event, please know that you cannot cure this by analyzing your own dreams. I can’t even help you, not unless you are also working with a therapist or counselor that has training in PTSD.

For further information on PTSD, I recommend this article that also has a directory for therapist in the United States. To read this article, please click

If you live outside of the United States, please seek professional help by searching the internet for PTSD treatment centers in the area where you live. For you deserve to overcome the past in order to have a better life. Again, you can’t achieve this all alone; however you can achieve freedom with professional help. There is light at the end of the tunnel…

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Dreams

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    1. Agreed, True George, the reason for that is those type of dreams can be terrifying to deal with. Plus people are afraid of being judged, which is why they need to work with a “safe”professional for their PTSD dreams.

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