What is the Dream Meaning of a Bicycle?

This blog post was brought on by a dream I had last night, which I will share a little further down. The following are my own six general symbol dream meanings of a bicycle:

6 Dream Meanings for a Bicyle

Bicycle Dream Meaning

  1. Being balanced.
  2. Childhood memories.
  3. Simple travels.
  4. Taking the scenic route.
  5. Not feeling the need to shield who you are.
  6. Feelings of being exposed during travels.

Please remember that none of those dream symbol meanings are set in stone, as feelings can change the meaning. For instance, if you feel angry while riding a bicycle, you’re won’t feel balanced nor have an easier time traveling. Another example is if someone else is riding your bike or you’re sitting in the back that would be interpreted as someone else is in control of your life.

Where you are traveling can also affect the dream. Are you riding your bike in city, suburbs, the boonies, or another country? When you’re on the bike are you going downhill, uphill, straight ahead, on a path/ road or on an uncharted path in nature?

If you add other dream symbols, your personal past, what’s occurring in your life today, or past/present issues; there could be thousands of dream interpretations.

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What’s Pamela Dreaming?

I was riding my bicycle down a road, while other people on bikes and cars were all around me. I was feeling such a sense a freedom that I lifted up my shirt to expose my bare breasts, which increased my feelings of freedom and the physical sensation felt wonderful. All of sudden I felt uncomfortable, turned my head to discover some white man with red hair staring at me. Right away, I lowered my top; however, there was a feeling of safety and protection.

Then I needed to return home, realized I was in Newark, New Jersey, and wasn’t sure which direction to take home, when I saw a sign for the New Jersey Turnpike. Not knowing if that was the right route to take, or if it was safe for me to ride my bike there, I stopped at the gigantic building entrance for the Turnpike. The woman in front of the building told me, “You can’t ride your bike on the turnpike.” My response was, “I thought so,” while pondering that I should ask her where the bus station was; as I had no problem leaving my bike behind.

Most likely you will not know that I don’t own nor ride a bicycle, I’ve rarely been in the town of Newark, although I’ve been to Newark airport plenty of times, there is no such building before the Turnpike, and this Jersey girl has been living in North Carolina for over seven years.

Four Dream Meaning of Bicycle

The first thing that came to me upon awakening is my life will not only have more freedom, but will become more simplified. I can open up my heart more, although only to those who are safe.

Another meaning of the dream is it’s validation that my 2018 business goals are on the right path. Which will bring much freedom, balance, and aid me to expose my true self in the work that is dearest to my heart. Perhaps, the meaning of not worrying about leaving the bike (my property) behind could be there will be much prosperity on the way. However, some unsafe people may not understand, hence the symbolism of the redheaded man means mainstream society because of the male energy, plus one of the red colored root chakra meanings is for tribes. Even though these people don’t understand, I will be protected from their opinions or negativity.

The third meaning could mean that an upcoming trip will bring much freedom and pleasure into my life.

Lastly, perhaps I need to take a trip to New Jersey and to visit my Father.

Do you understand how my feelings, what’s occurring in my life, and the other symbols effected my dream’s meaning? Those interpretations could be the true meanings; however, for all I know this could be a precognitive symbolic dream for a future event!

Have you ever had a dream about a bicycle? Please share your dream or thoughts in the comment section.

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4 Replies to “What is the Dream Meaning of a Bicycle?”

  1. I dreamt of being on a bicycle running on high speed with no obstruction on my way on a clear road down hill ,bit not steep just not completely flat road. Suddenly by the end of it ,I found myself in a bush under a plum tree where I picked from the ground some plums not pleasing to me ,so I left for another plum tree which I discovered some had done enough harvest of plums,seeing these plums on the ground, but with fear thinking it belonged to someone by my imagination, I plucked two well riped plums and I Left from there.

  2. My bicycle dream last night involved riding through a University campus but leaving it behind me momentarily then rushing back to find where I’d left it! This is clearly related to my current wish to complete a bachelor’s degree 😉

    The 2nd part of the bicycle dream was riding through a city in the evening/night, and again leaving the bike midway, then having to retrieve it. Not sure what this part means.

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