Recurring Dreams

Why do I have the same dream repeated over and over? I keep having these dreams with a similar occurrence, although the people or places change, why am I having these dreams? These are the type of questions my clients will ask me, when they are experiencing recurring dreams.

Why Do Recurring Dreams Occur? 

To alert you to the fact there’s an issue in your life that needs to be resolved, which you are discounting. The reasons for ignoring obstacles are: living a hectic lifestyle with a long to do list, using a mind altering substance to avoid reality, being in denial about what is going on or has happened in your life, avoiding it due to the fact that you don’t want to exert the effort, or fearing the changes that will happen once this problem is solved. These explanations do not mean you’re an awful person, but what is actually occurring is self-preservation; nonetheless, your psyche will gently or forcefully continue to push what needs to be healed into your dream state.

Problems that cause recurring dreams

Ten Dilemmas That Can Cause Recurring Dreams

  1. Unresolved childhood issues.
  2. Relationship problems.
  3. Love life dilemmas.
  4. Stuck in an unfulfilling job.
  5. Avoidance of your life’s true career.
  6. Health issues.
  7. Repressed emotions.
  8. Money issues.
  9. Home relocation.
  10. Phobias.

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Love Dream Example

Let’s use the example of love life dilemmas to further illustrate recurring dreams. A woman, who I’ll call Nancy, divorced her cheating husband twelve years ago; however, she refrains from dating. During Nancy’s marriage, she had low self-esteem and didn’t set boundaries, which allowed her husband to take advantage of her. Today when a healthy man approaches Nancy, she blows him off. Here are two recurring dreams Nancy has had:

  1. Her ex-husband (or another man) is belittling her, while he is with another woman.
  2. She attempts to speak out to her ex-husband (or another man), yet her voice is silent.

Sadly, Nancy continues to blame her ex-husband for the failure of their marriage; therefore, she misses out on the opportunity for a loving partnership.

Recurring Dream quote by Pamela Cummins
Quote from the book Learn the Secret Language of Dreams

How to Stop Recurring Dreams

It’s natural to desire a recurring dream theme to end, especially if these dreams are causing distress in your life. Ignoring your repeated dreams will not cause them to disappear, instead you need to do dream analysis to understand the true dream meanings. Then, take necessary action steps to heal the dilemma. Once you have resolved the issues, your recurring dreams will end.

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