Mountain Dream Symbol

A big thank you to Katherien Lundin for her contribution of her third guest post. This time it’s about the mountain dream symbol Enjoy!

In dreamtime we all go to many places and some of these places can evoke a myriad of feelings that we may or not be feeling during present day waking moments.

Mountain Dreams

A common dream amongst us is the dream and/or nightmare of climbing and or descending snowy peaks, rolling hills as well as a giant and overwhelming beyond the clouds types of mountains. We either feel heroic at the end of this journey or defeated.

Many of us go through the motion of climbing during our waking life, at work, with relationship and of the desire for own personal goals.

Dreaming of a mountain can symbolize

Dreaming of a mountain can symbolize hard work or even enduring long days of toil in order achieve a goal, overcoming obstacles, and rising above squabbles and everyday quarrels.

Climbing a Mountain 

For many of us even the experts it is hard work to climb a mountain. We must all be on the look out for obstacles in everyday life, for even the most mundane circumstance can be an obstacle, like being late and caught in traffic at a red light, to literally carrying weight on your back and having to climb a mountain in the rain.

Descending a Mountain

Descending a mountain in your dream state can symbolize pulling away from something or someone. This can denote a lateral move within your career or having to downsize a home. It is always wise to listen to your intuition at the time of this dream of descent and pay attention to what is happening within your life.

Rolling Down a Mountain

Many people do dream of rolling down a hill and getting hurt. Sometimes the rolling down is literally the feeling or rolling down because your decent may be a fall, but one must always remember we can always stand up dust ourselves off and start again.

Everyday Life

Dreams quite often are a mirror of our everyday life, feelings and circumstances.
We all will at one time or another dream of mountains and we all have hurdles, hills and obstacles in our everyday waking life that can be hard, but perspective is key when it comes to a challenge and that is why we must stand if we fall and keep climbing if our hearts so desire.


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