Is Everyone in Your Dream a Representation of You?

The idea for this blog if everyone in your dreams came about from a  Facebook group. When I asked, “If you had a dream journal guide to understand your dream meanings, what would you want in that guide?” One woman commented how she was confused by Carl Jung’s concept that every person in her dream was a version of her or something within herself. Here is my response:

This concept is confusing to most people; we are all one, yet who can see Hitler or Charles Manson within themselves? And what about dreams that are visitation from our departed loved one?

Let’s face it, there are times it’s easier to comprehend this theory than others. For instance, I was doing inner child work when my niece was two or three years old (over two decades ago); therefore, it was a no-brainer her character was my own inner child. Perhaps you’re dreaming about a former teacher you admire, which can be symbolic for your own inner teacher or you are the students’ favorite teacher in the school where you teach at.

But could you really have the traits of Hitler or Charles Manson? The majority of the population, thankfully, aren’t mass murders. Nonetheless, dreaming about either one of these men may be symbolic of their characteristics inside of you. These traits are: superiority, manipulation, leadership, organizing skills, or inspiring folks to take action on a cause. Whether these are positive or negative qualities depends upon each person’s situation.

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Dreams of the Deceased

Now let’s investigate dreams about our loved ones who have taken the journey to the other side. A dream where few words are exchanged or feels like a visit, usually is a visitation from your loved one. When your dream is filled with symbols, scene changes, anger or other uncomfortable emotions; then more than likely the dream meaning is versions of yourself or an issue within you to resolve.

PTSD Dreams

Are post-traumatic stress disorder dreams (PTSD dreams) about you? It is difficult to imagine yourself as the perpetrator, unless there is a part of you that wants to hurt others or this was a past life dream. Although, PTSD dreams are usually about healing the past trauma of an event or events you experienced.

Environment & Recurring Dreams

When I ponder different categories such as environment dreams or recurring dreams, Carl Jung’s philosophy is usually accurate. An example of this is when you dream about the call of nature, the majority of the time you will visit the toilet upon awakening. Recurring dreams are having the same dream repeat itself in an exact or similar fashion to prompt you to resolve a certain situation in your life.

Precognitive Dreams

Precognitive dreams may be premonitions of the future to warn or assist you; hence, it’s about you. Yet, this isn’t always the case as many people have dreams of events that have nothing to do with them. Whether it’s an earthquake, an act of crime, or a tragic accident occurring close to home or around the globe. A Higher Source has a reason for these folks to dream about these events, even if they may or may not find out the purpose of their dreams.

This topic of you being everyone is a fascinating subject to contemplate! What is your opinion on this topic? By the way, I would love to hear what you’re looking for in a dream interpretation guide.

To learn more about dream categories and how to interpret your dreams, please visit online courses and/or books.

Is Everyone in Your Dream a Representation of You

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