Auto-narrated Audiobooks

Learn the Secret Language of Dreams and my other eBooks are now available as auto-narrated audiobooks. Basically it’s an audiobook using technology from Google. To learn more about this format, please read the article on my Pamela Cummins website.

Advantages of Auto-Narrated Audiobooks

Long ago, I researched the process and cost of audiobooks. Depending upon the narrator it could cost up to $250.00 an hour, which can add up to thousands of dollars depending on the book size. Which is why audiobooks cost so much more than eBooks, publishers desire to cover the initial cost and hope to make a profit. I decided not to proceed since I’m an Indie author and would have to cover the cost.

When I discovered that Google Play had created auto-narrated audiobooks – I just had to learn more. Personally, I felt their voice technology was well done and so did some of my friends and family members. So I went for it…

At this time Google isn’t charging for this service. There was a recent discussion on what to price these audiobooks in an author’s group that I belong to. Here’s my answer, “I priced them the same as my nonfiction eBooks because I felt that was fair.”

Right now, these eBooks are only on Google Play. Human voices are only allowed on Audible and the two audiobook distributors Findaway and Author Republic. Although an author mentioned that Kobo was accepting the auto-narrated format and I’ll check that out.

You can find Learn the Secret Language of Dreams and my other audiobooks at Google Play. If you would like to hear a sample of the auto-narrated audiobook, listen to the video below.

Learn the Secret Language of Dreams Auto-narrated Audiobook

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