How to Have Sweet Dreams

The idea to write a blog post on how to have sweet dreams was prompted by my own recent pleasant dream, which you can read towards the end. Wishes for sweet dreams occur every night around the world for billions of people. Why? To keep from having a nightmare.

Nightmares usually are uncomfortable. It may be hard to see the benefit that is contained in your bad dream; however, there is always a reason and it will assist your life in some manner. To learn seven common types of nightmares and how to handle them, please click to read “Nightmares are a Gift.”

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9 Tips on How to Have Sweet Dreams

The following are tips that can be applied before falling asleep:

  1. Keep your bedroom and/or sleeping area clean. This also helps with dream recall.
  2. Stop reading or watching anything with negativity, violence, or horror a couple hours before retiring. Instead feed your mind with something positive.
  3. Resolve any arguments if possible before sleeping.
  4. Journal your problem with steps to implement. This will prevent you from obsessing on an issue and not being able to sleep, too.
  5. Visualize putting away any obstacles in a cabinet, closet, or drawer that can’t be resolved immediately. You can focus on it tomorrow or another day.
  6. Talk or pray to an ancestor and/or a Higher Source.
  7. Think of the gifts that occurred during the day.
  8. Chant a positive affirmation until you fall asleep.
  9. Kiss a loved one, be human or a pet, good night.

A Must on How to Have Sweet Dreams

This step is important to do during the daytime – work on your issues. When you address and clear your stuff, not only will you have more sweet dreams, it will also increase the joy in your life. Stop avoiding problems and put the effort in to create the life you desire. You might be thinking what in the world is she talking about? This quote is from my book Personal Growth Affirmations shines a light on what I mean.

As you work toward reaching beyond your current limitations, your life will metamorphose in ways you can’t fathom today.

Pamela Cummins

A bonus is when you are taking the steps to improve your life, there is less need for a nightmare to point out what you have been avoiding. Instead you will have more pleasant dreams.

What’s Pamela Dreaming?

As promised at the beginning of the article, I will share my short dream. But first a little background. In May of 2020, I had a precognitive dream that was symbolic to stop dying my hair. You can read about this dream that prompted the blog “Dream Meanings for Hair.”

This wasn’t an easy undertaking because many in society still have the belief that not painting your hair is letting yourself go. In reality – I was setting myself free! Looking in the mirror every day at my skunk stripe wasn’t pretty. Dealing with a few negative comments and unwanted hair advice helped me to keep my resolve to continue the cold turkey route. Plus, not to cut my hair short because it grows sideways and looks gross. Thankfully, I had support from my partner, family, friends, and women from three Facebook groups.

I did have a couple of nightmares about my hair. However, by working and staying true to my path, I’m loving my natural hair color and how much healthier and better looking my curls are today. The real bonus is this journey has accelerated my personal and spiritual growth!

Pamela’s Dream

I was walking down Speedwell Avenue in Morristown, NJ (where I used to live). A hot, young man in his late twenties approached me. He said to me, “Your curls are beautiful and I love your silver hair!” This remark filled me with joy.

This dream was confirmation to keep doing what I have been doing.

In Conclusion

May you use my tips on how to have sweet dreams so that it may bring about many pleasant dreams! If you have nightmares or need help with your dreams, please check out my products and services.

How to Have Sweet Dreams

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