Can Vitamins Affect Your Dreams?

Does taking vitamins alter your dreams? My Father and I often send one another articles of interest, and the most recent article he sent me was about how vitamin B6 assists people to remember their dreams. Hmm, interesting, I thought as wonder if this could actually work?

There was study in Australia with one hundred healthy people, who many couldn’t recall their dreams. After taking B6 it did enable better retention of their dreams. To learn more about this experiment, please read the article at

Then I decided to research if other vitamins could alter dreams, here are two interesting articles I found:

  1. According to vitamin C will cause bad dreams.
  2. claims that magnesium enables super crazy dreams.

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Is it possible vitamins have an impact on your dreams? Personally, I’ve never experienced it; however, I do know that a clean room aids in dream recall and sweet dreams. Environment dreams are caused by what is occurring within and around us, while also protecting us from harm. If our environment alters our dreams, why not vitamins? Although, please read the vitamin instructions before taking to avoid adverse reactions.

Have you ever dreamt differently after taking vitamin B6, C, or magnesium? If yes, please share your experience below.

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Dreams Affected By Vitamins

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