Warning Dreams of Who’s NOT Your Soul Mate

Our dreams of the nighttime give guidance in all areas of life, including our love life since it’s an important factor in our life. The majority of humans have an innate desire for a special love; some people make wise choices in a partner, while others make unwise choices in love. Dreams will give us guidance on whether or not a person is truly the right one through a variety of ways to help us interpret them. In this blog, I will give you two examples of warning dreams that illustrated who’s not your soul mate.

Example One Warning Dream of Not Your Soul Mate

Julia was debating whether or not to continue her relationship with Tom, whom she had been dating for almost a year. During our session, I recommended to ask for guidance right before she fell asleep to receive an answer in a solution dream. Here’s her dream:

I was standing at home plate in a baseball field, while Tom was in the outfield. I felt frustrated when I walked towards him, as each time he walked backwards further away, this happened three times. After the third time, I walked off the baseball field feeling disgusted.

This dream is a no-brainier to figure out; however, I will interpret it. Tom has been playing games with Julia by keeping his distance, while she is the one taking the initiative in their courtship dance. In baseball you strike out after the third unsuccessful attempt to hit the ball. For Julia it was much more than three times to move forward with Tom; nonetheless, that was a symbol for her to quit any further action. When she walked off the field, her dream was giving her guidance to walk away from the relationship.

Often people will know that a relationship is not the right one, yet will continue it to avoid being alone or having to go back out in the dating world. Our higher selves, or if you prefer subconscious mind will give us messages to aid us in finding the right one.

Example Two Warning Dream 

The second dream example is from the book Learn the Secret Language of Dreams where I had a precognitive dream in my late twenties that warned me to stay away from a man.

I was in my grammar school gymnasium surrounded by lots of people. There was a nice looking man with dark hair, a beard, and mustache. I do not remember the words, but the feeling I got was that he wanted to control me. I felt like I needed to get away from him.

A few months go by, then I was at a party and the man who was in my dream introduced himself to me. I was shocked, talked to him, and foolishly gave him my phone number. He pursued me very hard and would stop by the places he knew I frequent. I went out on one date and got the same feeling I did in the dream. That date was an important lesson for me because I realized that the dream I had was indeed a premonition to warn me to not become involved with this man. I kept my distance and thankfully he got the hint. I found out later that although he was in his late twenties, he had been married three times! He obviously had issues with relationships and I had no intention of being wife number four.

Can you understand why it’s important to pay attention to when your dreams give warnings about someone not being your soul mate? Women in Julia’s predicament have spent years or decades trying to make Mr. Wrong into Mr. Right! Perhaps, I could have become a battered women, as I never did discover why his wives left him. Trust the wisdom of your dreams.

Have you ever had a warning dream about a potential mate or relationship?

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  1. I prayed about a partner and in my dream I saw that people are telling me how well behaved and mannered the lady is and an old man was telling me how she will make a good wife, then I had another dream, in the other dream we were outside my house and we went inside, we were playing like we want to have sex, I pull her pant and I saw a faces in her bottom, I was surprise and felt that how will someone have faces in her bottom and wouldn’t know. Please help me interpret this dream, am sceptical about her I don’t want to make an unwise decision.

    At the beginning of the relationship I don’t like her, but I started developing feelings for her because she is patience and I know she love me and always want to do things that makes me happy even when am not nice to her.

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