Three Commonalities of Dream Interpretation and Psychic Abilities

Are you wondering what psychic abilities and dream interpretation have in common? This concept may confuse some people since dream interpretation symbolism is more complex to figure out than the symbols we have when we’re awake. However, they both exercise our right brain, while connecting us to our unconscious mind and the universe.

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Here are three important similarities they both have:

Disconnecting from the Logical World

We humans are bombarded everyday with: rules, logical ideas, to do list, material must haves, social media, news, and everything else that we need to deal with while living on the planet Earth. It’s a wonder we have time to think!

Upon analyzing your dreams or getting in touch with your psychic gifts, you need to detach from everyday living and the noise of the world. It’s time to shut out the world and have “you time” to quiet your left brain and expand your right brain.

Can you do this with noise and people around you? Yes, but I wouldn’t recommend it for beginners, although the more experience you have, the easier it becomes to use these gifts while interacting in the world. This is why experienced readers are able to do readings at a loud psychic fair.

Going Within to Know Yourself

When a student begins a psychic development class, the teacher always recommends meditation to quiet the mind. By quieting the mind, messages from your angels, guides, and ancestors are revealed. These messages may come through as: hearing a voice, receiving visions, feeling an emotion or sensation, smelling a scent, or having an inner knowing. Guidance on how to live or how to overcome issues often are received.

Interpreting your dreams also requires you to venture within yourself to comprehend the wisdom of your dream. Dream interpretation requires you to reflect on: a symbol or symbols for your unique meaning, emotions that occurred during the dream, past or present issues being presented in your dream, and then integrating it all together.

These insights occur to assist you to remove blocks in your life as you journey to become more enlightened; nonetheless, your dreams and/or psychic messages are useless if you avoid taking any actions.

Learn the Secret Language of Dreams - Pamela Cummins

Trusting the Information You’re Receiving

This often is the most difficult part to do as many of us have the natural instinct to doubt without evidence to back it up. Psychic information and dream meanings are often a puzzle for us to decode or for future events to occur to fully understand the information. Each one of us needs to go through our own personal experiences as everyone is unique.

Journaling your dreams and the psychic messages are what will help you trust your psychic and dream wisdom because you have proof when certain events occur. Nevertheless, it’s important to act in faith without knowing if the information is correct. For instance: if your gut is telling you to put a bathing suit in your purse on a winter day, do it. If you dream about turning down a date with someone you’re crushing on, and later on that day this person ask you out, then ask for a rain check or say no.

What’s the worst that can happen if the information turns out to be wrong? Now you know that you misinterpreted the psychic message or dream meaning. Review your journal to see if you misunderstood the dream or if it was your ego instead of your intuition. Or perhaps you interpreted the message correctly, yet it has not happened yet.

What is the best that can happen if you’re right? Let’s use the bathing suit and date examples from above. You are prepared if you end up at an unexpected party where there’s a pool or hot tub. There’s an unexpected emergency on the day of the date that takes you out of town, which your potential mate would misinterpret as you were blowing him/her off. Or you discover the person you been crushing on is really a criminal.

Now, can you understand the commonalities of dream interpretation and psychic abilities?

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Three Commonalities of Dream Interpretation and Psychic Abilities


4 Replies to “Three Commonalities of Dream Interpretation and Psychic Abilities”

  1. Hi .Pamela this is very interesting I have so many questions about some things that happen I don’t understand but don’t have extra money right now my husband passed 2.5 years ago and trying to be debt free lol but this makes a lot of sense thank you

    1. Prayers to you and your departed husband. I’m glad this blog make sense to you. When you’re ready to get your questions answered with my services – I’ll be here.

  2. Pamela I’m like the previous woman! I’m 73 y/old and have had long term pain (45+ yrs/pain and depression since 14)! Now I’m having different dreams but don’t remember them. Last night I had a dream that continued off and on. It was about history, which was weird for me!
    When I have the money I would like your opinion. Also because of pain I have insomnia!
    God bless you and stay healthy!

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