Stop the Recurring Dreams in Three Steps

You’re reading this because you want to stop the recurring dreams from happening, especially if they’re unpleasant. Your dream may keep repeating exactly in the same manner or have the similar theme occurring in many locations and with different people. In this blog, I will give three steps to stop your recurring dreams and a personal dream example.

How to Stop the Recurring Dreams in Three Steps

The timing of these three steps to eliminate recurring dreams will vary for each individual. Why? This quote from my book Learn the Secret Language of Dreams sums it up nicely.

So when does the recurring dream end? When the lesson is learned!

Pamela Cummins

If only we could snap our fingers and get the lesson; however, it’s the journey that helps us grow. Let’s go over the three steps to stop the recurring dreams.

Record the Dreams to Stop the Recurring Dreams

A former boss of mine used to leave messages on his answering machine for his home landline (yeah, I’m dating myself). Why? Because when he did this, he wouldn’t forget what he needed to remember. This is also true with dreams as they can be so fleeting. Recording your dreams assist you to know their details and have a record of them for research.

Even if you can remember your dream, there is power in recording it to release it out of your mind. Not sure what method to use to record your dreams? A PDF copy of the eBook, Got Dreams? Discover Your Ideal Dream Journal is included in this free gift package.

Go Within to Stop the Recurring Dreams

Your dreams are usually about you, in regards to how you truly feel about a person, obstacles, and situations in your life. In your dreams you’re not restricted with time – past, present, or future. Dream symbols are unique to each individual and have many, many, many… different messages.

This is why you need to scrutinize not only the symbols and actions, but also the feelings in your dream. Then determine where this information fits into your life, such as: relationships, career, current obstacles, life direction, desires for change, or past experiences.

Can you see why the timing of these steps varies from person to person? Going within and scrutinizing a dream takes practice. However, there are times when a dream is simple to figure out. While other dreams are baffling and require more work.

Resolve the Issue to Stop the Recurring Dreams

Depending on what the issue is, this step might occur quickly and take forever… Why? Some lessons are easier than other for a person grasp. Some of life’s education may trigger denial, pain, change, and an enormous amount of work. If you fall into the latter, please don’t beat yourself up.

There are times when an issue can’t be resolved right away; however, comprehending the issue may stop the recurring dreams. Then solution dreams can occur to assist in taking the steps to move forward…

Analyze Your Dreams card with Merlin

What’s Pamela Dreaming?

Throughout my life I had dreams of needing to urinate, while not being able to find an available toilet, or the available ones didn’t have a door with a bunch of people around it. Upon awakening, there’s an urgent need for me to go; therefore, these are environment dreams.

However; about a month ago, I had three recurring dreams using this theme without the need to relieve myself when I awoke. In this case, I was able to stop the recurring dreams without taking the three steps. It occurred naturally with the following dream:

The only toilet stall available didn’t have a door in the Ladies Room. Women and men were walking about. I didn’t care what anyone thought, pulled down my pants, and relieved myself. Ah, that felt good.

I knew exactly what that dream was in reference to. At five months of being dye free, I had just come to the point of feeling totally confident and accepting of my decision to allow my beautiful silver and obsidian hair to grow in. Now, I don’t care what men and women’s opinion of my hair are! To learn more about my precognitive dream for beginning my natural hair color journey, please read Dream Meanings for Hair. On my other website, check out the blog Gray Hair for Self-Acceptance.

In Conclusion

May you be able to stop the recurring dreams in three steps…Perhaps, you will be able to behold these dreams’ gifts?

* If you’re having dreams about a traumatic event(s) that occurred in your past, these are PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) dreams. Please read this blog to learn more about PTSD dreams.

You are welcome to leave your recurring dreams in the comments. However, I do NOT interpret nor tell you what your dreams mean in the comments. If you need assistance with your recurring dreams, please visit the dream interpretation services page.

Recurring Dreams 3 steps to stop them
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