Bear Symbolism in Dreams

Are you wondering about what the meanings of bear symbolism in dreams are? Then you have come to the right place. In this post, I will go over the general bear positive and negative messages. Next we’ll view the bear symbol from different angles.

Bear Symbolism in Dreams

Let’s begin with eleven general dream meanings for the bear symbol:

  1. Courage.
  2. Inner power.
  3. Physical strength.
  4. Spirit animal guide.
  5. Grizzly bear anger.
  6. Hibernation time.
  7. Hungry like a bear.
  8. Protection usually from a mother figure.
  9. Someone who is like a teddy bear.
  10. Bear all to someone.
  11. Circumstances that you must bear.

Different Angles for Bear Symbolism in Dreams

These common dream symbols for bear are important and might be accurate for you. However, when it comes to dream interpretation it’s not as simple as our daytime language. Our nighttime language is unique for each dreamer. Why? Each dreamer has their own unique dream language based on their: problems, relationships, past, present circumstances, and possible future. Plus, actions/feelings in the dream can change the analysis. And whether the person views the symbol(s) as positive or negative.

There is many different angles for the bear symbol, here are three examples:

Fairy Tale Bears

Most people think of Goldilocks and The Three Bears when it comes to fairy tales. If the dream is based on this story, then four possible symbolism are:

  1. Time to buy a new mattress.
  2. Stop being such a picky eater.
  3. Bear the three people in your life.
  4. Make friends with a new family.
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Charmin Bears

In the United States, there are commercials that use bears to advertise Charmin toilet paper. Which could appear in your nighttime dreams. Perhaps your bear dream could mean:

  • Stock up on toilet paper.
  • Clean up the poop in your life.
  • Learn to wipe your butt properly (giggle).

Teddy Bears

Stuffed teddy bears are very popular to the point that there are companies where you can custom make your own. Usually we think of it as a children’s toy; nonetheless, adults also love them.

If a teddy bear appears in your dream, the symbol might be about:

  • A childhood memory.
  • The perfect gift for a child.
  • Your inner child needs attention.
  • Nightmares about an abusive ex who gave you a teddy bear on the first date.

Other Considerations of Bear Symbolism in Dreams

Different cultures have similar and different ideas about the bear symbolism. For instance, Native American and Celtic. You might want to research these and other counties bear symbol meanings on the internet.

Bear In Lenormand Deck

I’ve been studying Lenormand since my dream that you can read in the post Dream that Led to Lenormand Cards. Studying the cards even brought about the first dream (that I can remember) with a bear.

The Lenormand bear card definitions include the power, protection, courage, and other general meanings. Along with:

  • Money.
  • Business.
  • Authority position.
  • An overbearing person.
  • Weight issues.
  • And other intuitive messages the reader receives.

Below this blog post, you will find the pin of the bear card for my upcoming Lenormand deck with my cat, Merlin, who passed on February 6, 2021.

In Conclusion

Hopefully, this post assisted you with your bear symbol. Please remember that dream interpretation is much more than what a symbol means. To discover what else is involved in dream interpretation, please read Emotions Aids in Dream Interpretation and/or watch the video One Symbol Has Many Meanings.

If you need further assistance with your dream, visit my dream interpretation services. If you prefer to do it yourself, check out my shop page.

Bear Dream Meaning

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