Emotions in Dreams, Aids in Dream Interpretation

Whenever I write a blog on a specific symbol, I always remind my readers of how important your emotions are in a dream. Your feelings are key to understanding the true message, which is why I always ask my clients what their emotions in their dream were. 

Let’s play around with my theory by using the following three examples:

Feelings in Dreams

Tarantula Dream

You find a huge tarantula in your bed.

Terror in the dream would signify: that you’re afraid of spiders, there are scary issues relating to a bed, or this occurred in real life.

If a woman feels joyful and loving emotions, she could be dreaming of spending time with Freddie, her pet tarantula.

Sadness in this dream may be symbolic of Freddie the tarantula’s death, or for someone else whose behavior in bed ruined their relationship. 

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Car Dream

You’re in the driver seat and your car crashes into a brick wall.

Anger in the dream may mean: that you’re furious for the obstacles in your life, there are engine issues with your car, or this occurred in real life.

If a man feels excitement, perhaps he is a stunt car driver.

Fear in this dream could be symbolic for afraid of not being able to make your destination or your new car being damaged.

Snow Dream

When you open the blinds, you observe that there’s an unexpected winter blizzard.

Frustration in the dream can signify: that you’re fed up of unforeseen weather hindering your plans, there are upsetting memories of past snowstorms, or this occurred in real life.

If a little girl feels happy, she may desire to go sledding.

Sadness in this dream might be symbolic for all the unexpected problems in your life or your frozen tears piling up.

Do you understand why your emotions are so important in dream interpretation? A symbol in a dream can have thousands of meanings, while an emotion rarely has more than one definition.

What are your emotional dream experiences?

Emotions Effect Dream Meanings



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