Understanding Pregnancy Dream Meanings

Sheila feels alarmed upon awaking from a dream that she’s pregnant! Does this mean that Sheila is going to have a baby? Not necessarily, as pregnancy dream meanings have many possible interpretations depending on the dreamer’s feelings, life experience, and present/future circumstances. Dreaming of being pregnant can even happen to men, whether it’s them or their partner. 

Generic Pregnancy Dream Meanings

If you search for the pregnancy dream symbol on a dream app or dream dictionary, you would find the following three main meanings:

  • Having a baby.
  • Working on a project.
  • Some type of personal growth.

Digging Deeper Into the Pregnancy Dream Meanings

We humans are much more complicated than generic symbolism. This is why when you’re interpreting a pregnancy dream, it’s crucial to search within yourself while pondering how this dream relates to you. These are eleven possible life situations that could trigger dreaming about being pregnant.

  1. Longing to have a child.
  2. Going through the process of in vitro fertilization.
  3. Experiencing an abortion or miscarriage.
  4. Opening a new business.
  5. Creating an artist project.
  6. Starting a new education path.
  7. Beginning therapy or coaching.
  8. Encountering a new spiritual chapter.
  9. Establishing a relationship.
  10. Divorcing your mate.
  11. Moving to another city, state, or country.

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How Feelings Effect Pregnancy Dream Meanings

Let’s explore three different types of emotions in Shelia’s dream to observe possible dream messages.


If Shelia feels angry in her pregnancy dream it might represent:

  • Twenty-one year old Sheila has other plans for her life that don’t include a child.
  • Forty-five year old Sheila already raised three children.
  • Her new business is being sabotaged by competitors in her niche.


If fear is present in Shelia’s dream it could be because she is:

  • Starting a new job in another country.
  • Releasing repressed childhood memories in therapy.
  • Becoming single after twenty years of marriage.


If Shelia is happy in her pregnancy dream might be a signal that:

  • The in vitro fertilization worked.
  • A publisher accepted her book proposal.
  • Her mortgage was approved.

With billions of people on Earth, feelings and life situations would create billions of possible pregnancy dream meanings. To learn more about dream interpretation and emotions, please read Emotions in Dreams Aids in Dream Interpretation and Feeling Emotions in Dreams.

Parting Words

Our pregnancy dream meanings and other types of symbols are usually much more than they seem. Understanding these messages is much more complicated than learning a foreign language; hence, the reason why I wrote the book Learn the Secret Language of Dreams. For those of you who have trouble remembering your dreams or are confused about dream journals, please check out my free gift package. If you need help with your spiritual growth, please click spiritual growth coaching. 

Understanding Pregnancy Dream Meanings

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