3 Interpretations for a Work Dream

Did you know that one dream can have more than one interpretation, just like a symbol? Which is why I’m using 3 interpretations for a work dream to showcase this point; however, there could be more possible interpretations, especially when you allow time to reveal even more. Sometimes when interpreting a client’s dream, I will receive a gut feeling for one main meaning. Although, often intuitively I know two or three different interpretations are accurate for a client’s in-depth email dream interpretation.

The Work Dream

A woman was in a car with her partner, who she thought was stopping at the ATM. Instead, he took her into his top secret work area. Her partner and his boss talked for a moment, then introduced him to her. She felt confident, yet hoped that her mate’s boss would be impressed with her.

In the next scene, the woman’s partner was off doing something else, while his boss took the notebook where her mate did his work and started tearing pages out of it. Upset, she asked, “Shouldn’t you get his permission before you start pulling his work apart?” With that her partner walked in seemly unfazed by his bosses’ actions.

Then in the following dream scene, she brought a few dishes to wash over to the sink. There was no way she was washing the other dishes. As she washed the dishes, she was afraid that she would do others by accident. When she looked over to the table where her purse was and noticed employees sitting there, she wondered if her purse was safe. Suddenly, she couldn’t find her favorite cup. Upset she started looking for it and felt relieved when she found it.

3 Interpretations for a Work Dream

In the following possible meanings of the above dream, I will use two possible interpretations with fake names, and the third one will be the correct one.

Woman’s Work Dream Analysis

Josephine feels insecure with her husband’s job because it seems so top secret, which is why she desires to learn more about it. She wants to meet his superiors, while feeling ripped off because he won’t share what’s going on at work, nor the quality of his work.

The dish washing dream scene represents her thoughts on how she does all the housework, yet no one seems to realize her value. Hence, the meaning of her wondering if her purse was safe at the table with the employee. Her favorite cup is also a representation of her worth, which she has the fear of losing, but it’s still there.

Man’s Work Dream Interpretation

John has this dream about his girlfriend to help understand her and himself better. There are times when he wonders if she considers him just an ATM and desires for her to know more about him. Nevertheless, John also desires others to admire his partner.

For the dream scene where the boss is ripping apart the notebook is symbolic of how John feels his mate tears him apart and he needs to stand up to her.

Next, the washing dishes dream scene could have two possible meanings. The first is he wish she wouldn’t just focus on herself and help him out more to add more value in the relationship. Secondly, he takes her for granted, needs to do more in the relationship, plus know her value.

Free Gift Package Dream Interpretation

What’s Pamela Dreaming?

That’s right, it was my dream that I’m using as an example of how one dream can have many meanings. In fact, there are other possible meanings within this dream from my past and the passage of time may reveal even more. Who said dream analysis was easy?

Background Info

Last week, I had a phone conversation for a possible collaboration where I would write a dream journal for a publishing company. The representative for the company was impressed by my knowledge of the publishing industry; ah, that’s what happens upon authoring six books. If I did the collaboration I would have to: sign a non-disclosure form to even look at the project, write according to their specific, do it within two months or earlier, agree to be a work for hire (yuck), and sign an exclusion clause for two years not to write anything of similar substance.

Even though I would be paid a nice chunk of change; the idea of restrictions on what to write, being under someone else’s control, possible repercussions on my author’s reputation, and interference with future business opportunities was a deep consideration. After pondering and receiving input from trusted professionals, I decided the money wasn’t worth it. As always I asked for a dream to confirm my decision.

Pamela’s Work Dream Analysis

Since my man was driving and has military clearance for his subcontract job, these were being used in my dreams as symbolism for my possible opportunity to write. Let me elaborate:

  • Being in the passenger seat is the message for not driving the car, hence not being in control of what to write.
  • Not stopping at the ATM could mean the opportunity is not set in stone, or to pass by the publishing company’s money.
  • The top secret work area is symbolic for not disclosing the details of the work to others that are not in the publishing company.
  • I am confident in my writing; however, I hope other’s will be impressed with it.

In the next scene where the boss is tearing pages out of my mate’s notebook is representing my feeling of a company owning my writing. My partner being unfazed meaning is a symbolism for many people think it’s perfectly fine to own someone else’s work.

The last scene of me washing the dishes stands for the effort to have my writing clean as possible, while not wanting to have to deal with other people’s writing ideas. My purse is symbolic for wondering if others in this publishing company would keep my author reputation safe and pay what I’m worth. My favorite cup represents how my writing and dream interpretation cup runneth over. The thought of losing it and others having it was upsetting. Finding my cup means to continue my self-employment path…

Final Thoughts

Can you now understand how one dream may have many meanings depending on a person’s life experience, situation, and any issues occurring? Even though I’ve been interpreting dreams for decades, I’m still fascinated by them.

If you need help with dream interpretation, please check out my online classes and services.

Work Dream Interpretations

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