Dream Meanings for Trees

Trees, trees are everywhere and populate the majority of land on Earth. In fact, we humans would have trouble surviving without trees! Therefore, it’s not surprising why people wonder what the dream meanings of trees are. As with all dream symbols, there isn’t a set answer; however, in this blog, I will go over the generic tree symbolism, and two other factors to consider to assist you with interpreting your tree dreams.

General Dream Meanings for Trees

Below are ten possible messages when you’re interpreting your tree dream:

  1. Stay in one place, instead of moving on.
  2. Ground yourself as you’re unbalanced.
  3. Growth is happening in your life.
  4. Discover what’s really occurred in your family tree.
  5. Branch out to other areas.
  6. Clean up the dead leaves that are no longer needed.
  7. Climb to a higher position in your life.
  8. Confirming that what you are doing is bearing fruit.
  9. Stop staying stuck in your life.
  10. Get out in nature.

Feelings Change Dream Meanings for Trees

Emotions in dreams are key factors in analyzing your tree dream. Let’s use the following example:

You dream that a tree falls on the ground.

  • Fear could be symbolic for being afraid that your stability will become unstable.
  • Sadness may mean that the elder in your family has passed to the other side.
  • Joy would be appropriate if you’re finally moving to a new chapter in your life.
  • Anger might mean that you have to clean up someone else’s mess.
  • Relief can be a message that the tree didn’t fall on your house.

Different Types of Trees Dream Meanings

There’s probably articles and blogs on what the different types of trees are symbolic for, yet this doesn’t take into account on the individual’s feelings and past experiences. These three different trees are examples of this:

Pine Trees Could Be About

  • Someone who loves Christmas.
  • Profit for a merchant who sells Christmas items.
  • Childhood memories because their home was surrounded by pine trees.

Oak Trees May Mean

  • A carpenter’s favorite type of wood to work with.
  • Allergy season to those who are allergic to oak trees.
  • Amazing things are coming for someone who lives in the desert.

Palm Trees Message

  • Vacation time.
  • Moving to a warmer environment.
  • A hard climb because there aren’t any branches for support.

In Closing

My intention for writing this blog is to assist you to look beyond the general meanings, and to observe all aspects of yourself to gain a more unique understanding of not only your dream meanings of trees, but all your dream symbols. When doing dream interpretation pay attention to the feelings in the dream, possible past, present, or future life situations, and obstacles to overcome.

If you need assistance with analyzing your dreams, please check out my services, books, and online courses.

Dream Meanings for Trees

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