Flower Dream Meanings

This article about flower dream meanings will first cover the general symbolism. Then we will go over the Bouquet card interpretation in a Lenormand reading. And finally, I’ll show how emotions, actions, and what’s happening in your life affect interpreting the flower symbol.

Purse Symbolism in Dreams

This blog about purse symbolism in dreams was inspired by two of my recent dreams. First, let’s cover the general meanings for purse, handbag, and pocketbooks; whatever you choose to call it. Please note this information is also valid for backpacks and wallets, too.

Many Feelings Create Different Dream Meanings

The below four and half minute video demonstrates how many feelings create different dream meanings. Our feelings also affect a dream symbol’s message. I get this point across with the cat symbol inside a simple dream example, while using the emotions: fear, anger, sadness, and happiness.