Dream Interpretation Goals for 2020

So many people state resolutions on New Year’s Eve that seem to dissolve within the first month. This is why it’s important to create goals instead. Are you ready to work on dream interpretation goals for 2020? If you’re not sure if you should bother analyzing your dreams, then check out the blog post “12 Benefits of Dream Interpretation.

Dream Interpretation Goals Check List

Whether you are a beginner or have some experience, these seven tips will assist you on your interpreting journey.

  1. Remember your dreams, it’s impossible to analyze a dream if you can’t recall it.
  2. Record the dream upon awakening.
  3. Notice what you’re feeling in your dreams.
  4. Pay attention to the symbols in the dream and what it personally means to you.
  5. Observe how your dream may relate to your past, present, or future.
  6. Consider if the dream’s information can resolve a current problem.
  7. Implement your dreams’ wisdom into your life.

This may seem daunting to you; however, so was learning how to walk, read, drive, and so forth. The more you practice a skill the better you become.

Pamela’s Dream Interpretation Goals for 2020

Yes, I have my own goals for dream interpretation, but as an expert dream interpreter they are different than yours. Here are my goals:

  • Monthly email subscription program for analyzing my client’s dreams.
  • A bimonthly coaching group for dream interpretation.
  • Live classes on different topics.
  • For my oracle card deck to be finished and available for sale.

Please use the contact at the bottom of this blog to let me know your thoughts these goals and/or if you’re interested in participating in any of the above four above goals.

In Conclusion

Remember, it’s the journey towards the goal that counts, for that is where the learning and growth occurs…
To help you with remembering your dreams and journaling them, please click on the free dream interpretation gift package. If you need assistance with analyzing your dreams, you have a choice of books, online courses, and services.

Dream Interpretation Goals

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