Drinking and Drugging Dreams

What does it mean if you’re having a dream about drinking alcohol? Does using drugs in a dream mean that you have an addiction? Dream symbols are unique to each dreamer depending on their past/present experiences and problems. Therefore, drinking and drugging dreams can have hundreds of meanings. For example, a teetotaler dream will have a completely different message than someone who drinks and uses drugs daily. 

Drinking and Drugging Dreams General Meanings

Some of you who visit this blog may just be looking for a generic meaning, which could be one of the following seven messages:

  1. An upcoming party.
  2. You need to enjoy life more.
  3. There’s a situation in your life that you do not see clearly.
  4. A loved one’s drinking and drug use is becoming an addiction.
  5. Stop enabling an alcoholic or drug addict.
  6. You’re drinking and drugging is causing problems in your life.
  7. It’s time to become clean and sober.

Life Situations for Drinking and Drugging Dreams

Just like chocolate, shopping, sex, and other enjoyable things in life – moderation is key. There’s nothing wrong with an occasional substance use; however, there’s a problem when you are using them to not deal with your feelings, issues, and who you are. Plus, alcohol and drugs can prevent you from dreaming, which to me is a gigantic no, no.

Warning of Addiction

Denial is not a river in Egypt; nonetheless, we humans use it to bury pain or when we’re afraid of being hurt. Our dreams show us the truth of what’s occurring in our lives or might be a premonition of the future. Sadly, many survivors of trauma medicate themselves so they don’t have to deal with the past or their PTSD dreams.

Instead of hiding and burying situations with addiction, it’s time to face life on life’s terms. Please know that when you bring the demons to the light they disappear. Life is sweeter without having to depend upon a mind altering substance.

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Drinking and Drugging Dreams in Recovery

For those of you brave enough to live life without drugs or alcohol; it’s normal to have dreams about using, especially in the beginning. These dreams may seem so real that it terrifies you upon awakening. However, they are a test to alert you to whether or not being clean and sober is worth it to you.

There’s a saying about how the word sober means son of a bitch everything’s real! Upon living an abstinent life, you’ll need to observe your past behaviors, ponder what bad behaviors need to be changed, and work towards living your life to the fullest potential.

Anniversary Drinking and Drugging Dreams

It’s not unusual to have dreams of using drugs or drinking as an anniversary approaches, especially big ones: five years, ten years, twenty years, thirty years, and so on… The inner drunk and/or drug addict may have been defeated; nevertheless, just like your inner child, it’s always there and wants to be heard. Listen to it, thank it, and let it know that you’re no longer interested in that lifestyle. Remember, no matter how many years of abstinence you have, there is always room for personal growth.

Having dreams of being drunk or high right before your anniversary are meant to show you how far you have come. And to have an attitude of gratitude for a clean and sober life where you can do anything, while dealing with problems without using a substance.

Final Thoughts

If you’re having drinking and drugging dreams, please carefully examine your life. Do you think you could have a drinking problem? Then, click alcoholics anonymous. Not sure if you have a drug addiction? Visit narcotics anonymous to find out.

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Drinking and Drugging Dreams

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