Fear of Remembering Your Dreams

During a radio show interview, the host asked me, “Do most people tell you dream interpretation isn’t real?” My response was, “No, most people who come to me are open to the idea that their dreams have meaning. What I hear often from the general public is I can’t remember my dreams.” Sometimes it is because you have fear of remembering your dreams. 

Fear of Remembering Your Dreams

Now, there are quite a few reasons that people have problems with dream recall; however in today’s blog we are focusing on fear. Why would anyone be afraid of remembering their dreams? My quote from the book Learn the Secret Language of Dreams sums it up nicely – There is no denial in the dreamtime, only subconscious and spiritual truths. The reality is there are people who are terrified of daytime reality coming into their in the dreamland. For instance, in their dreams;

  • Their authentic feelings come out.
  • The genuine quality of their relationships.
  • Nightmares.
  • PTSD, which is post-traumatic stress disorder.

remembering your dreams fear, Pamela Cummins

Authentic Feelings

Some heavy stuff to be sure; yet, a former teacher of mine used to say, “When you bring the demons to the light they go away.” Wouldn’t you want your demons to go away? Stuffing your feelings only cause dis-ease as the famous Louise Hay reveals. Sadly, in most societies we are taught that some of our emotions are inappropriate; therefore, people learn not to reveal them. Feelings are neither wrong nor right, or are they facts, they just are a part of being human. Our dreams of the nighttime are alerting us to acknowledge these feelings to alleviate them, thus allowing them to go away.

Relationship Quality

Your dreams reveal the true state of your relationships with parents, children, pets, clients, boss, co-workers, your lifetime partner, a person you’re dating, in other words – everyone. You can deny all you want that: you’re not angry at your spouse, the man you are dating is not a womanizer, or your child didn’t lie. The truth is always reveled in a dream. Relationship issues can only be cleared away, when you acknowledge them, work on them, in order to reap the awards of healthier companionship.

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Nightmares can be scarier, although burying them by refusing to acknowledge them doesn’t make it disappear; instead, use them to assist in observing what issues need to be overcome. Believe it or not, this is a good thing! When you overcome whatever obstacle is in your life, the nightmare will disappear. Fortunately, the majority of nightmares never comes true; unless it’s an unusual precognitive dream.


PTSD are memories of what has already happened; nevertheless, they can be abhorrence as the emotions were often frozen during the event or ongoing trauma. Psyche is always kind, what you may not be able to handle or choose to ignore during your waking hours, will instead come out in your dreams for the repress memory to slowly emerge. Slowly, but surely, you will graduate to remember them. These types of dreams can NOT be cured by reading self-help books or blogs, instead you need to find a trained therapist first before working with a dream analyst.

Remember the saying – you have nothing to fear, but fear itself. So let go of the demons to allow in the light. To start the process of remembering your dreams, here is the link to the free guidebook and meditation, How to Remember Your Dreams.

Fear of Remembering Your Dreams, Pamela Cummins


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