Why Am I Dreaming of My Ex?

My clientele quite often ask me, “Why am I dreaming of my ex?” If you broke up with someone recently or even a couple of years ago, it makes sense that you would dream about them. What truly baffles my clients are when they dream of an ex-lover from decades ago. Our dreams often help us process feelings, thoughts, as well as our true heart’s desire, which we are either in denial about or too busy during the day to acknowledge. Dreaming about an ex-mate is helping you heal.

Seven Common Dreams About an Ex, Pamela Cummins

Dreaming of My Ex

Here are seven common dreams about an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend:

  1. Getting back together.
  2. Making love.
  3. Catching them cheating on you.
  4. Arguing with one another.
  5. Feeling the distance between each other.
  6. Having a conversation.
  7. Reenacting a common issue in the relationship.

Positive Dreams of Ex

Let’s go with the positive dreams first. When you dream about getting back together, making love, or having a conversation this could mean that you desire to be a couple again. A different way to interpret these three dreams are the relationship has not reached a conclusion, in other words this chapter is not over yet.  Lastly, these can be precognitive dreams of reuniting as a couple.

Negative Dreams of Ex 

The negative dreams of your ex-partner cheating on you, the two of you in an argument, or being distant with one another is pointing to what is unresolved with one or both of you. These are issues that are hanging on that need resolution before you can move forward in life or into another love relationship. Take the time to process your feelings and thoughts. It is also important to look at what were your flaws in the relationships. Determine why you choose this person and the lessons you needed to learn. Work towards forgiving this person, while being grateful for all the gifts you received from your time together. I know this is not an easy process, nor to accomplish, although it is worth the effort for the freedom you will receive. 

Services to Discover the Dream Meaning

Dreaming of My Ex From Years Ago 

I saved the seventh dream of reenacting a common issue for last, due to the fact that this can be the most baffling of all. This type of dream is truly frustrating when the ex-lover is from decades ago and you haven’t thought about them for numerous years. These dreams may have symbolism that is difficult to figure out. Or it’s easy to figure out, but banging your head to comprehend why you’re dreaming of this issue. There is always a reason why, although each dreamer’s reason depends upon lots of factors. Review what is going on in your present life to determine how the past ex-mate is related. 

The following paragraph from my book Learn the Secret Language of Dreams sums it up nicely: 

One of my clients was so upset about having dreams about her abusive ex-husband because she was now in a good relationship with a very loving man. She had done much inner work on herself and could not understand why she was still dreaming of him. My guides reassured her the dreams did not mean she wanted him back, nor would he come back into her life. The dreams were to help her cut the final thread of the rope of that type of dysfunctional love to allow healthy love more fully into her life. 

I can you need help with a dream interpretation. Please visit my dream service web page to determine what service works for you. 

Why Am I Dreaming of My Ex?, Pamela Cummins


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