Water Symbol Has Many Different Dream Meanings

We need water to stay alive, the Earth is about seventy-five percent water, and on average, most human beings bodies are sixty percent water. No wonder a large amount of my clients dream about water! There are two main interpretations for the water symbol. The first is cleanliness, for how could we clean without it?  Secondly, water is symbolic for our feelings; which is why one suit of the tarot’s minor arcade uses the cup symbol for the fourteen emotions cards.

Water Symbol Dream Meanings

  • Calm water means feeling peaceful.
  • Static water represents feeling stuck.
  • Rough water expresses turbulent emotions.
  • Clean water is for issues or emotions that have been cleansed.
  • Dirty water shows how certain areas need to be cleared up.
  • Did you notice how I said basic meanings for water?

When you look up any symbol in a book or app on dream interpretation or symbolism those are simple definitions, your dream has other signs in it as well. When you mix in all the different symbols, types of feelings, and what has occurred in your past or present those simple meanings get very complex.

two main interpretations for water symbol

Dream with Water 

Here’s part of a dream a reader sent to my February 2016 In the Dreamtime column:

The following night I was floating in the public sewage during daylight while waiting for a man to get out with me.  I grew impatient waiting for him and tried to escape by going further into the system, but was blocked by a row of buoys and had to turn around.

One meaning of this dream can be she is waiting for this man to get his shi*t together, although she is tired of being patient it is not time to leave him. Another way to interpret this dream is they are both stuck in a poopy system; however, he is more enmeshed.

Altered Water Symbol and Emotions

Now, let’s just change the feeling of impatience to anticipation of being with her lover. Do you see how this could change the whole dream meaning? An interpretation may be even though there are some crappy issues in their relationship, she will not allow those problems or others to part her from her man; therefore, she will turn around and wait for him.

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What if the water is clean instead of a cesspool? An interpretation of the dream could be these two people have done a lot of work on their relationship, yet she is further ahead in terms of self-growth. There is a part of her that wants to move forward without him, but the way is blocked because they still need to be together to accomplish further growth as a couple.

Can you see how changing the water or person’s emotion alters the dream meanings? When we add more people to the scene, put in boats, or if different types of sea life are added in the dream – there could literally be thousands of more meanings. Which is why you must examine your dream thoroughly.

How often do you dream about water? Have you had any dreams you like to share in the comments?

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Water Symbol Has Many Different Dream Meanings

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