What is a Microphone’s Dream Meaning?

When I contemplate the microphone’s dream meaning, I can’t help but think of its connection to our fifth chakra or as some people call it the throat chakra. This chakra is all about clear communication, whether that is through speaking or writing. For some the throat chakra needs to be cleared so they can speak up to enhance their personal growth. While others fifth chakra needs to be less open to avoid being a blabbermouth speaking nonsense.

Microphone Connection to the Throat Chakra
You may be or will become tired of me saying that dream symbols have many meanings; however, it is what makes learning the secret language of dreams so fascinating, as one symbol has a multitude of possible interpretations. I recently had a dream about microphones, hence the inspiration for this blog.

Microphone’s Dream Meaning 

If you grabbed your dream dictionary or clicked on a dream app like many people do, here’s some of the common interpretations:

  • Be more forceful.
  • A man named Mike.
  • Stating your views.
  • Expressing yourself.
  • People hearing you.

Yes, I see how all those symbolism for a microphone can be correct, in spite of giggling over the name Mike interpretation. Who knows, maybe that’s my guide’s name? (Giggling some more.) However, my dream seemed to have much more meaning than those common interpretations. Perhaps yours did too? This is why it’s important to not only ponder the symbolism, but also what is going on in your present, or happened in your past.

What’s Pamela Dreaming

Let me give you some background before I reveal my dream. My angels and guides have been pushing me to do online courses, which has prompted me to do a ton of research on the internet. There are great sites where I can put my courses for a monthly fee or a percentage of my course that I might do in the future. Just for today, I decided to go with platforms that have an enormous customer base, although they take a bigger chunk of the earnings. However, I wouldn’t need to do as much marketing as I would on my own, leaving me with more time to focus on my writing, creating courses, working with clients, and of course, being a loyal servant to my two cats. One of these companies is located in the UK that requires you to send an email to see if your course is a right fit for them. Sending them an email could have prompted me to have the following dream:

A man was sitting in the middle of a large room where I was going to be speaking. He had two expensive microphones in front of him. Those were the types of microphones I want, I thought to myself. I asked him why he had two microphones, but I don’t recall his answer. Then I felt someone in the background who had strong male energy.


This dream is short, yet filled with meaning. What is interesting is I have never met this man in my waking life; nevertheless, he was in another dream of mine about six months ago. Perhaps, he is a spirit guide? To me this dream meaning was a no-brainer, since I only have a headset microphone, would like a superior one, and knew it was also prompted my online research. Still, why were there two microphones?

Free Gift Package Dream Interpretation

Here is where the beauty of how our waking life’s timing gives deeper meanings to our dreamsFast forward several days later, I received two emails from the UK. One was a reply from the course company, while the unexpected email was from a woman (who has a publishing company) inquiring if I would be interested in writing a book for her. Now the two microphones meanings are becoming easier to comprehend, for they represent two forms of expression, how cool is that! Also, in the dream there was a male energy in the background. Here is where scrutinizing a dream is the key; although the email was from a strong woman, her publishing company in the dream was symbolized by male energy. Publishing companies can be very corporate, some are extremely ridged, and in the past were mainly run by men. Perhaps, more will be revealed in this short dream as I’m investigating this woman’s publishing company.

Update – it seems another author is commissioned to write their book. Could the male energy I felt in the background mean I’ll be writing a book for them in the future? Or to put this company behind me, while focusing on what’s in front of me? Time will tell…

Did you ever have a microphone in your dream? Or have a short dream with tons of interpretation?

I will keep you informed of my upcoming online dream courses. To learn more about dreams, please check out my book Learn the Secret Language of Dreams.

Microphone's Dream Meaning


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