DIY Dream Interpretation and Tarot

Since I’m in the process of creating an oracle deck for dream interpretation, I’ve been checking out different oracle and tarot decks. I came across an article on Cosmopolitan about best tarot decks, where the columnist states to cancel your tarot deck reading and do it yourself. Hmm, I thought, this could also apply to DIY dream interpretation. However, there’s truth and untruth to DIY; hence, the reason I wrote this blog post.

DIY Dream Interpretation and Tarot Cards

Let’s address the truth of doing it yourself, then the untruth.

DIY Truths

It’s important to learn how to fish for yourself, instead of being fed fish all the time. This is why my practice is all about teaching clients to learn how to interpret their own dreams and to grow spiritually. Yes, people need guidance; however, they need to start trusting themselves, too. And as the saying goes practice makes perfect. What a wonderful feeling it is to interpret your own dream, receive psychic information, and be able to read your own tarot cards.

DIY Untruths

We humans need other folks to help us obtain our goals. Why? Our egos, desires, and fears can take over, whether that’s consciously or subconsciously. An expert can bypass our blocks and wants with skillful assessment to assist to move forward. Nonetheless, it’s important to choose a dream analysis and tarot professional that has experience, works on their personal and spiritual growth, and has a good bedside manner.

DIY Tarot and Dream Interpretation

DIY Dream Interpretation

Honestly, sometimes I wish that dream dictionaries didn’t exist. Why? Many in society think their dream meanings are only based on a symbol and dream apps/dictionaries helps to reinforce this. Or people visit online communities and receive inaccurate information.


A long time, when I was with a group of spiritually gift women, a woman shared the following:

I keep on having a repeating dream that there are ghosts stuck in my old house.

These women (who aren’t dream experts) began to give many interpretations, which the woman replied, “Well, maybe.”

If you look in a dream dictionary one main interpretation of the ghost symbol is something that haunts you.

Finally, I couldn’t take it, and blurted out, “Since you are a ghost crosser, did you ever think that there are ghosts in your old home, who need help to crossing to the other side?”

Her response was, “Oh, my God! I should have thought of that!”

One thing I always state to my clients is that you’re the best interpreter of your dream, although you may need someone to guide you there. This is why it’s important for me to give my clients several interpretations of their dream for their inner ding to ring for the right meaning. Although, there are times I need to gently bypass their denial. Remember learning the secret language of dreams is not an overnight process, instead it’s a lifetime skill.

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DIY Tarot

Tarot cards are similar to dream interpretation as it’s also not an overnight skill. Many decks have guidebooks, which some folks take as gospel. The key is to look beyond the general card meaning, notice the other symbols within the cards, plus the other surrounding cards.

It’s so important to do your own reading when you’re in a good space and not attached to the outcome. And believe me, as a human being it’s difficult to be unattached to important situations in life.


Sarah (not her real name) desires her boyfriend to propose to her. She shuffles the cards and pulls out the Lover’s card.

“Oh, my God,” Sarah shrieks, “I’m getting married!”

Not necessary! The tarot card is accurate about them being lovers. Although, Sarah’s boyfriend could be in her life to teach her: passion, boundaries, self-love, or what she truly desires in a partner.

This example is a great reason to disregard Cosmopolitan’s advice and keep your appointment with a tarot reader and/or psychic. These experts will bypass your ego/desires so you receive an accurate reading. Even tarot readers and psychic visit each other for validation and when they can’t get a message for an emotional situations in their life.


Please experiment with DIY dream interpretation and tarot readings. Have fun, play, while patting yourself on the back upon coming up with an accurate interpretation or reading. Most importantly, allow yourself a lifetime to learn either or both of these modalities, while reaching out to experts for assistance.

To be updated on my oracle deck progress and receive a dream interpretation gift package, visit the free gifts webpage. For assistance in dream interpretation, please click dream interpretation services. If need help with your personal and spiritual growth, visit spiritual growth coaching.

DIY Dream Interpretation and Tarot

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