Dream Messages

Someone asked the following questions about dream messages in a Facebook group that I belong to. Since other people could be pondering the same questions, I decided to do a blog post of this person’s inquires and my answer.

Dream Messages Questions

What is everyone’s opinion of dreams? I don’t dream much and the ones I remember are usually very odd. Do you think they’re messages since I’m remembering them? Or just random imagery? How do you tell the difference?

Dream Messages Answer

Every dream has meaning no matter how silly you feel it is, although it’s impossible to remember all of them. You tend to remember the dreams that happen right before your usual time of rising, very important dream messages will jolt you out of bed, and it takes TIME and DEDICATION to be able to understand your unique dream meanings. Why? You’re delving into layers upon layers of your subconscious mind and the Universal Self. Every symbol in dreams can have thousands upon thousands of meanings depending upon what it means to the individual dreamer. It’s important to look at your present, past, possible future, feelings, relationships with others, obstacles, wishes, and what you could be denying in your life. Every dream can have two, three, or more meanings. Then there are dream categories

In Conclusion

Are some of you thinking, “My God that seems like a lot of work? Is it worth it?” You betcha it is! Why? Your dreams are you. That’s right your dreams are demonstrating who you are. The most important question we humans ask is who am I? You receive that answer in your dream messages. These insights determine: true feelings about a situation, your goals in life, the truth about your relationships with others, the best path for you to take, and so much more. In fact, dreams are free therapy and psychic readings! Isn’t that worth the effort of understanding your dreams?

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Dream Messages

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