Dream Symbols for Bra

Have you ever had a dream about bras? Last week, was the first time I ever did, hence the reason for this blog post. The following are what comes off the top of my head for possible bra dream symbols:

7 Dream Symbols for Bra

Dream Meanings for Bra Symbol

  1. Feeling or being supported.
  2. Covering up your heart.
  3. Being or feeling confined.
  4. Taking off a bra is an expression of freedom.
  5. Acknowledging your femininity.
  6. Nourishing your soul.
  7. Feeding yourself or a child.

Obviously, there is also a sexual symbolism for bras, especially if a man is dreaming this. Please note the above seven dream meanings are generic as a daily horoscope. What events occurred in your past, current issues, action or other symbols within the dream lead to thousands of possible interpretations. Add in your emotions during the dream and you just added an infinite amount of potential dream meanings! To learn more about how feeling effect dream interpretation, please read Emotions in Dreams, Aids in Dream Interpretation.

What’s Pamela Dreaming?

Here’s my dream:

I was sitting around a table with women that were from a former gym I used to attend. One woman said to me in a degrading tone, “Why don’t you wear a bra when you work out?” The other women agreed with her, while chiming in with words to put me down.

Their words and actions made me feel insulted; therefore, my response was, “It’s comfortable and I don’t care what you think.” Then I stood up, ignored their words, and walked away.

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Just an FYI – I always wore a sports bra when I used to work out at that gym. However, often I felt judged by some of the women in the classes. Even their yoga classes were competitive, which is frowned upon in serious yoga practice. Since I prefer yoga, I left a month before my year membership expired.


This dream is a perfect example of how the past influences the present, although it’s also expressing two situations in my current life.

One situation is a small group I was attending with kinder members; however, it’s not the right place for me. The other reason is in regards to my life and business, there’s always someone telling me how to live or what I “should” do in business. Yet, it’s important for me to trust my intuition and be myself, which enables me to be comfortable in my own skin. What’s nice about aging is I care less and less about what others think of me.

A messages from my Angels:

Pamela’s dream is not only for her, but for you. Be you, be who you are, trust your intuition, what others think of you is none of your business, be free to do what’s right for you. Freedom is your birthright!

Wow, I wasn’t expecting my Angels to chime in! Nonetheless, it is an important lesson for all of us.

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Dream Meanings for Bra

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  1. I like your possible interpretations. I would only add that the dream also could be supporting and protecting your ability and desire to nurture others.

    1. Thank you, Steven, that makes perfect sense! Going with that interpretation, it also symbolizes choices of who to nurture 🙂 Let me know if you ever want to do a guest post for this blog.

      1. Dear Pamela,

        I would be happy to do a guest post. Just let me know what dream or subject you would like me to address,



      2. I thought it would be interesting to do an interview style post. If you could use my contact form or send an email to love@pamelacummins.com and let me know where to email the questions to. I can have that for you sometime next week.

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