Elephant Dream Meanings

The idea of doing a blog on the elephant dream meanings came about from my recent trip to the San Diego Zoo. What fun it was to watch such magnificent creatures eat, walk about, and live! Elephants have fascinated humans for centuries, which is why it’s not surprising they appear symbolically in our dreams.

General Elephant Dream Meanings

As always when writing about dream symbols, I will first write about the general meanings. Then go deeper into the elephant symbol to inspire my readers to go beyond the basic messages and exercise their symbolism muscles. Here are nine general interpretations:

  1. Good memory.
  2. Family oriented.
  3. A long journey.
  4. Some type of power.
  5. The need for and/or having wisdom.
  6. Circumstances require being toughed skin.
  7. Time to get dirty and/or play in the mud.
  8. Fear of the little things in life because elephants are afraid of mice.
  9. Enormous presence, whether that’s physically or in another manner.

Deeper Elephant Dream Meanings

General interpretations are a starting point; however, there are literally hundreds of possible interpretations for the elephant symbol. Why? Each dreamer is different. Nobody has the exact same experiences, personality, or obstacles as another human being. This is why it’s important to ponder what a symbol means to you and how it relates to your past, present, or future.

Let’s take two different dream scenes while adding different people’s experiences, situations, and emotions to give greater insight on how this works.

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Dream One

An elephant is running down the street.

  • Anxiety is felt by a person who is running away from their gigantic problems.
  • This is a positive sign for someone who is pondering if it is a wise idea to plan a street fair.
  • A Zookeeper might feel frustrated during this dream because Hillary destroyed the fence and escaped – again!
  • For someone who grew up in Africa or India, this may bring back pleasant memories of playing with elephants. Although for another person it is a nightmare because a loved one was killed while walking down the road by a charging elephant.

Dream Two

In your dream, you’re watching an elephant urinate and defecate.

  • A caretaker is being shown a future long journey of taking care of an ailing loved one.
  • Someone may feel relief because they are letting go of a huge problem that had pissed them off.
  • This would be upsetting for someone who is sick of being thick-skinned with their verbally abusive boss.
  • In my case this dream would cause me to giggle because it’s an actual memory! When I was seven or eight years old, my sister and I, along with two cute, male teenagers, watched an elephant defecate and urinate at the Paris Zoo. It was amazing and hysterical the substantial amounts of waste the elephant released!

My wish is that this post will cause you to ponder over a dream symbol the next time the message is confusing to you, instead of searching for the generic meaning.

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Elephant Dream Symbol
A picture I took of an elephant at the San Diego Zoo. Hover over to pin.

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