Signs from the Deceased besides Dreams

This post is to inform my readers about signs from the deceased besides dreams. Because every day I get hundreds of visits to three of my most popular blogs, Dreams of a Deceased Mother, Dreams of a Deceased Father, and Dreaming of a Deceased Pet. Yes, dreams about the departed are very important; however, that’s not the only way our deceased loved ones contact us. Sometimes our grief will stop them from visiting in our dreams. A departed loved one might prefer to contact us during the day by using another method, which they find easier or fits their personality better.

Signs from the Deceased besides Dreams

To the best of my knowledge, these following signs have NOT been proven scientifically. Although millions of people have experienced the following two methods. I’ll also share some of my personal experiences.

Sensing Their Presence

Here are six ways you may recognize their presence:

  1. Seeing them.
  2. Glimpsing them from the corner of your eye.
  3. Hearing their voice that’s NOT from a recorded audio or video.
  4. Feeling their energy, a cold sensation, or an actual touch.
  5. Smelling a scent you associate with them.
  6. Sensing that they’re with you.

Birdy Bird, my parakeet, never visited my dreams. Instead, several times he would visit during Savasana (corpse pose) after I did yoga poses. Most likely because I was in a very meditative state and he had fun flying around me.

My mother visited me in my dreams a week before she crossed over. Sometimes I feel her presence during the day. Other times, I’ll be driving alone in my nonsmoking car and smell cigarette smoke (she was a heavy smoker) – yuck.

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Physical Items

Our deceased loved ones also use physical items to give us a sign. These are six signs:

  1. A phone call with their phone number on caller ID.
  2. Flicking of lights or other electronic happenings.
  3. Physical items have been moved.
  4. Pennies or other coins from Heaven.
  5. Birds, dragonflies, butterflies, or other animals.
  6. Feathers are often signs from your deceased loved ones or angels

Many moons ago… I was at the laundromat and during the washing cycle, I popped out to the store. On the way back, I spotted a very shinny coin, thought of my grandmother who had recently passed, and picked it up. Expecting a coin from the United States, imagine my surprise when I found a coin from an Africa country! Sorry, I can’t remember the country.

Other Signs from the Deceased besides Dreams

My stepmom passed on August 20, 2021, which you can read about on my other website in the blog post, Grieving My Stepmom. On August 18, my stepmom was unresponsive in the hospital, I did a three card Lenormand reading asking how she would be in the next seven to ten days. The three cards were:

Lenormand Reading
Cards are from the Cute Little Lenormand

Intuitively I knew it meant that sad news is coming. What occurred afterwards is really wild to me! A few hours later, I went to the mailbox and pulled out an advertisement for a funeral home. This was the first time I received anything from a funeral home in my eleven years of living in North Carolina.

On the day of her death, I walked back from the mailbox and spotted a pretty feather on the ground. Which I interpreted as a sign that she was okay and saying hello.

Later, it occurred to me how accurate the reading was not only predicating my stepmom’s death, but when it came to the Letter card. Both signs I received about her departure were connected to my walks to the mailbox!

In Conclusion

Sure, there are other signs from the deceased besides dreams, physical presence, physical items, and readings. You’re welcome to mention your experiences in the comments. If you need help with this topic, please visit my services webpage.

Signs From the Deceased

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