Going Deeper in Dream Interpretation

Going deeper in dream interpretation is so important to truly understand your dream meanings. If you use a dream dictionary app or book, you’re receiving a basic viewpoint. Instead it’s important to dig into all angles of the dream. An analogy for you to understand this is when you desire to know your horoscope for the day. There are a mega amount of sites that have horoscopes written from someone’s astrological point of view on your star sign. More importantly, these horoscopes are for the general audience and don’t take into account: the time of your birth, your ascending sign, different houses, and other aspects pertaining to astrology. The same is true for dream analysis.

Going Deeper in Dream Interpretation

Recently a potential client emailed me the following:

So what happens when you dream about driving down the road and you end up sideways?

Now, talk about being general. Did the car end up sideways? Did your body end up sideways? Did an item in your car end up sideways?

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My Response

Your short dream could have many meanings depending upon your emotions in the dream – very important! The type of car you’re driving, is it your car from today or a past car, what road you are traveling on, and if you’re alone or with passengers. Interpreting a dream is much more complicated than looking up a symbol in a dictionary. I would need more information to do a dream analysis.

Let’s look at a three different general aspects of how dream meanings can change in this dream.


  • Happiness in this dream could mean not to take things so seriously and to view life from a different perspective.
  • While being angry may signal to slow down to avoid becoming ungrounded.

Car You’re Driving

  • A car from your past might mean that you’re holding on to issues that are making your life unbalanced.
  • If it’s a new car the meaning can be a warning that you need to slow down when you are driving.

Who’s In the Car?

  • Driving alone in the car could be symbolic that you wish for more stability in your life.
  • Having a passenger may be showing you that this particular person is causing havoc and it’s time to take back your power.

More on Going Deeper in Dream Interpretation

The above simple interpretations are just the tip of the iceberg with this dream. Honestly, there can be many more meanings with this simple dream using different emotions, the car that’s being driven, and who is in the car. Now let’s sprinkle in what road they are driving on: a road from their past, the route they take to work each day, country road, highway, or a congested road with traffic.

What about their past experience? Perhaps, the dream is pointing to what’s happening in their life today? Is there an issue they need to deal with or could be in denial about? Could this dream be a precognitive warning of a future accident?

Now, do you understand why going deeper in dream interpretation is so important? Occasionally it’s a simpler analysis. However, usually dreams are complicated with many layers and symbolism. This was just a one sentence dream. Imagine a dream that’s more than one paragraph or many different dream scenes? Interpreting dreams is complex!

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Importance of Going Deeper in Dream Interpretation

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