Life with Four Cats

I now share my life with four cats. The love of my life and I knew it was coming at some point. We also know someday we may have more pets if something happens to his parents. My father choose to move into an assisted living cottage close to his daughters, so I took his two cats, Jeoffry (three-years-old) and Pip (nine-years-old) – aka the Jersey Boys. We already had a one-year-old and an eleven-year-old cat.

Nighttime Dream and Psychic Message

Twice a psychic friend of mine gave me the message that I would adopt another cat to have three cats and Rhiannon would be there. Then I had a dream where I was sitting on the stairs to my office. Rhiannon walked by me, then Tiger and an orange cat quickly followed.

These messages confused me because I knew someday I would inherit his two cats. What about Pip?

Message Revealed

Once all four cats came to live with us, the dream meaning and psychic message became clearer. The three cats were the boys and Rhiannon was here, too. Plus, Tiger and Pip look similar because they’re both tiger-striped. Pip’s coloring is more of a steel grey. While Tiger’s stripes have gray/brown, he has a white patch on his neck, and white paws. It’s easy to confuse them.

Tiger and Pip
Tiger and Pip

Life with Four Cats Integration

Honestly, I was worried about how my two would react to two new cats. It’s not just meet and greet as one of my friends thought. Cats are very territorial. We had a heck of a time introducing a kitten, Tiger, to Rhiannon, who is a senior cat. Imagine minding your own business when a teenager who’s crushing on you jumps on you and knocks you to the ground. This is what Rhiannon dealt with and often hid to get away from him. Being a helicopter mom, I might have delayed their integration process.

This time I was better prepared and took off the propellers from my helicopter. Of course, we kept a basecamp for the new cats as recommended by Jackson Galaxy. Rubbed their scents on a cloth to let the other cats get used to their scent. And swap the cats from the basecamp to the house and vice versa. We fed them at a distance and little by little put the dishes closer. I used Feliway spray, too. In less than two weeks, the boys are hanging out, although Tiger and Jeoffry occasionally hiss at each other. It took Rhiannon two weeks to stop hiding, yet she keeps her distance, and will hiss at the Jersey Boys if they get too close to her. At least, Tiger stopped jumping on her and wrestles with Pip.

The Boys Eating
The Boys Eating

What a relief it was when the integration process was over! Except for our parakeet, Pedro, as we still don’t trust the Jersey Boys alone with him. However, they are becoming less interested in him. The cats are now free to roam the house when the humans go out and about. Maybe one day we won’t have to keep Pedro secured behind closed doors.

Pros and Cons of Life with Four Cats

There’s never a dull moment in our household! And each cat has its own unique personality. For instance, our cats have different preferences for how they receive affection. Pip is a lap cat. Rhiannon likes to lie at my side. Jeoffry licks my face/neck and sits at my side. Tiger allows me to pet him on the floor or when he’s sitting in the cat tree. Even though each style of affection is different, it’s how they love us.

Here are four pros and cons of life with four cats:

Four Pros

  1. Lots of kitty affection.
  2. Plenty of entertainment.
  3. Four healing purrs.
  4. More subjects for photos/videos.
Who Rules the Household?

Four Cons

  1. Constant cleaning.
  2. Naughty cat behavior.
  3. More cats to brush and clip claws.
  4. Occasional catfights.

To me, the kitty’s affection will always outweigh any cons, even when I clean up cat puke.

In Purr-Conclusion Of Life with Four Cats

Life with four cats isn’t always easy or peaceful, yet we’re beginning to adjust. Before long, it will feel normal. One thing will never change whether it’s with one cat or four cats, the quiet moments, and how adorable they look when sleeping.

I created two cat oracle decks, Merlin’s Purrfect Lenormand and Purrs for Humans. You can find them at

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