Do Cats Have Dreams While Sleeping?

Cat Sleeping in Odd PositionAre your cats always sleeping? This really is no surprise as cats love to sleep anywhere from 16 to 18 hours a day. But do cats dream? When I watch my cats, Merlin (white cat) and Rhiannon (black cat), sleep in their normal or odd body positions, there are times they twitch or move their head, whiskers, paws, or legs. Sometimes, they make sounds in their sleep. My gut tells me they’re dreaming. For this post, I decided to research the internet on this topic.

Cats REM Sleep

Cats Dreams and REM 

REM (rapid eye movement) sleep occurs in human sleep about 20% to 25% during our sleeping time at different intervals. This is where the eyes move rapidly, while in the deepest state of sleep, and when we dream our most intense, vivid dreams. These are the dreams that are easier to recall. REM in cats was discovered in 1958 by William Dement; therefore if humans dream during the REM state, so do cats.

What do cats dream about? All the articles I have read are in agreement that cats dream about: chasing prey, tormenting or killing their prey, running away from danger, being with their friends, or eating something yummy. Yet, how could we truly know what goes on inside of a cat’s brain? For all we know cats are truly dreaming about: taking over the world, achieving revenge on the cruel neighbor across the street, healing their human slave, or are hanging out on a higher plane cleaning up the mess we humans have made of Earth?

Have you ever seen your cat dream? What do you think they’re dreaming about?

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The below four sources were used in the second paragraph, please click the links to learn more about REM, sleep stages, and cat’s sleep.

Do Cats Dream

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