Precognitive Dream of an Unwanted Kitten

For those of you who don’t know what a precognitive dream is, it’s when you have a dream about an upcoming future event. The actual dream rarely plays out the exact same way the incident occurs; often your dream will have weird symbolism and altered actions. In some precognitive dreams, you will experience a knowing this will take place. Other times, you won’t recognize that the dream was a prediction of future event until the situation unfolds. 

There’s also a third circumstance where the dream has a message for a past or current situation and is still a precognitive dream at the same time. This is what happened to me recently, hence the reason for this blog. 

Here’s my dream:

I was running late for work and needed to wash up and change my clothes. As I approached the master bedroom bathroom, I saw my sister in there with a hot iron in her hand that she dropped and it hit my cat, Merlin, by his eye. My sister walked out of the bathroom acting like it was no big deal, as I ran to check on Merlin. Luckily, the iron burned the fur by his right eye instead of the actual eye. I felt bad for him, yet at the same time really didn’t have time for him because I had so much work to do. Compassion won and I asked him, “Are you okay, baby?” Merlin started to do whiny meows that I was able to understand as if he was meowing in the English language.

Merlin’s Hard Life

Upon awakening, I understood how this related to a recent situation of mine. My sister represented a woman who disagreed with a couple of ideas I had. After our conversation I felt my intuitive knowing was disregarded and was upset. This waking incident was shown in the dream symbolically as my sister walking away without being phased that she had hurt Merlin. Merlin was an aspect of my third eye and feelings that were not accepted, and the burn mark was for my hurt feelings.

Unwanted Kitten

However, the dream also had another meaning, which became clearer as time went on. That morning, I put Merlin’s harness and leash on for his morning walk. When we walked onto the porch, I noticed an adorable orange with white kitten that was meowing at my neighbor in her yard. My neighbor thought it was one of the feral kittens from the neighbors down the street (who feed feral cats, but don’t get medical care for them – grr); however, I told her that feral cats don’t meow. We each took a turn trying to get the kitten to go to that house, yet the kitten refused.

As horrible as I felt for the kitten’s circumstances, I didn’t want to become involved. Why? Because I didn’t want to infect my own two cats with the kitten’s ‘possible disease’, plus I have a parakeet and beta fish, too. Kitten’s vet bills are very expensive. And I’m busy with my own business. When I felt horrible and teary, my guides kept reminding me that it wasn’t my responsibility. I did give the kitten some dry food that he/she wouldn’t eat.

Three times the kitten went in the middle of the road. And so we forced him/her to move onto the grass to avoid being hit. Perhaps the kitten wanted to die? Or didn’t know better?

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This kitten spent the night seeking shelter under different cars when it was pouring out and the next day he/she wouldn’t leave my neighbor alone. My neighbor ended up bringing it to the shelter because she wasn’t able to care for it either. Turns out the kitten wasn’t eating, had upper respiratory problems, fleas, a blind left eye, and God knows what else. My neighbor received a call from the shelter that they put the kitten down to avoid it suffering a few more days before it would die.

Precognitive Dream

After this sorrowful experience, it occurred to me how my strange dream was also a precognitive dream as follows:

Our master bathroom in the dream was related to an actual experience of mine. The first summer I lived in my present home, either a person or cat dropped off a newborn kitten in our front yard. At one point, Chris brought the kitten into the master bathroom. I was paranoid that my two cats, Merlin and Rhiannon, could catch a disease from the newborn, he honored my request to put the kitten on the porch. Sadly, the kitten passed during the night. This part of the dream really illustrated the point I’m always blogging about on how our past experiences will affect a dream. Therefore, the event in the master bathroom was a representation of an abandoned kitten.

My sister was used for two meanings in the dream. The first is she loves orange and white cats; therefore, a metaphor for the orange and white kitten. Secondly, my sister was representing how some folks don’t care about the cat’s welfare and their action of just walking off.

Merlin’s injury was symbolic for the kitten’s blind eye, maybe by an accident? Also, my feelings of I’m too busy to take care of Merlin were really for the kitten.

Be Responsible for Animal’s Welfare 

What still is upsetting to me (as my eyes tear up while I’m typing) is this kitten’s tragedy could have been avoided if people were responsible. The kitten was either a victim of someone dropping it off in our neighborhood. It wouldn’t be the first time! Or the people who are feeding the feral cats without spending the money to neuter or spay them!

When you drop off a domesticated animal in an unknown neighborhood you’re subjecting it to: food for birds of prey, getting hit by a car, attacked by animals, caught by animal control, brought to an animal shelter that will euthanized unwanted animals, being rejected by people who aren’t responsible for it, or surviving while adding more unwanted kittens or puppies! Very rarely will someone adopt your pet.

Feral Cat don't feed

For anyone who feeds feral cats, DON”T, unless you’re willing to catch them and pay for fixing them and other medical care. Why? Male cats help female cats become pregnant and ONE female cat can give birth to 180 Kittens in a Lifetime! This is the reason millions of animals are killed each year, it’s not the shelter’s fault – it’s society’s fault!

If you can’t afford the vet bill for all the shots a kitten needs or to spay/neutered them, then adopt an older cat that already had these procedures done. Towns often have free or low cost yearly shots. What is really needed is people who can volunteer at a shelter and/or foster kittens and cats until their forever home is available.

Okay, I’ll get off my soapbox; nevertheless, if I only educated one person about the perils of our cat population, then it was worth it to write this blog.

Perhaps there was a purpose for this precognitive dream and experience of the unwanted kitten so people could learn about both subjects. Precognitive dreams often alert us to upcoming danger, yet other times we are informed of upcoming happy times. If you would like to discover more about precognitive dreams, please click on precognitive dream category. For help interpreting or learning how to interpret these types of dreams and others, please visit the dream interpretation services page.

Precognitive Dream of an Unwanted Kitten

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