Environment Dreams

Did you know that while you’re dreaming what is occurring in your surrounding area can affect your dreams? How about your inner bodily function, can they alter your dreams? Yes to both questions. Even when you’re sleeping it’s important to be aware of what’s happening in your environment. Why? Because these dreams alert us to danger or issues within our bodies. Let’s examine each of these types of environment dreams.

Outer Environment Dreams

It’s quite possible this type of dream occurred back in the cavemen time! Can you imagine what would have happened to the human race if they continued sleeping in a cave when a lion entered? Talk about an easy meal for the lion!

Fast forward to our timeline, we may no longer be sleeping in caves, yet we still need to be warned of danger. For instance, you could have a dream about a creepy stranger that wakes you up. Upon awakening, you hear someone breaking into your home. If you continue to sleep there’s a strong possibility that this intruder could have harmed you! Instead, you are prepared to defend yourself.

Other possibilities of outer environment dreams are when your home is on fire, a car is about to crash into your bedroom, or a dangerous storm is occurring. Again, these dreams keep you safe.

Sometimes an outer environment dream uses other senses besides sight. Many, many moons ago on an extremely hot June night, I had a dream about bad body odor, which I still smelled upon awakening. Since my bedroom window was open, I looked out onto the roof outside, yet didn’t see anyone – only darkness. I decided to close and lock that window, even though I lived on the second floor without an air conditioner. Better hot and sweaty, I thought to myself, then raped or dead. The next day I got an air conditioner.

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Inner Environment Dreams

These types of dreams tend to be more humorous because rarely danger is involved. An example of this is when you have to urinate. You could dream of not being able to find a toilet, or find a bunch that are occupied, or there’re no door on it and a bunch of people are standing around it. Upon awakening, you get out of bed in a hurry to relieve yourself.

Another common inner environment dream theme is not being able to quench your thirst no matter how much you are drinking. In the dream you could have drank a gallon of water or keep refilling your cup at a soda fountain without any relief. Boy, are you thirsty when you wake up!

Why would we have those two dream examples? To keep from messing up our sleeping area, to avoid a possible bladder infection, or prevent becoming dehydrated.

If you journal your dreams, you may wonder if you should bother recording these types. My suggestion is to journal environment dreams for two reasons. The first reason is to help keep you consistent. Secondly, there may be a symbol or an action that will be useful in interpreting future dreams.

Have you ever had an environment dream?

To learn more about environment dreams and other dream categories, please check out my book Learn the Secret Language of Dreams or online courses. For help with interpreting your dreams or learning how to analysis your dreams, visit dream interpretation services.

How your inner and outer environment affects your dreams

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