Lessons from a Chicken

Did you know that a chicken can teach you lessons? This is what Hermione, the neighborhood chicken, has been doing. For this post I will use my tagline, Nighttime Messages, Daytime Wisdom to showcase how chickens educate us. First, you will learn the chicken’s dream meanings, then I will go over the different chicken lessons Hermione has reinforced.

Nighttime Messages

Once again, I will remind you that symbols in dreams are unique to each dreams. Why? Everyone has their own unique past issues, present experiences, and feelings; therefore, symbols have a different dream meaning for each individual. Please keep this in mind for the following:

Seven Chicken Dream Meanings

  1. To be afraid.
  2. The need to be in a group.
  3. Something is fertile and/or ready to give birth.
  4. A desire for something to take flight, yet not traveling far.
  5. Your boyfriend/husband has more than one woman.
  6. You need to keep nick-picking at something.
  7. Someone in your life keeps pecking at you.

7 Chicken Dream Meanings

Different Viewpoints

Chicken symbols in dream interpretation will vary depending on the person perspective, for instance: 

  • A farmer views chicken as their livelihood.
  • The chicken is your pet.
  • Your favorite main course is chicken.
  • You were attacked by a flock of chickens.
  • Chickens disgust you.

These viewpoints will affect the dream’s meaning, which is why when you dream of a chicken you must think about what’s occurring in your life today, in the past or future, and problems that need to be solved. Plus, take into consideration the actions, other people, and symbols within the dream.

Daytime Wisdom

Back in March of 2019, my man and I were coming back from a walk when I exclaimed, “Is that a chicken?” It surely was to our surprise! This was the start of my chicken education/reminder lessons.

Six Chicken Lessons

Be Brave

I was brought up in the suburbs; hence, I lacked any experience with chickens. When this chicken first came up to me, I didn’t know what to expect and was nervous that she would peck me with her large beak. Not knowing how the chicken or my cats would respond to one another, I wouldn’t allow my cats, Merlin (white cat) and Rhiannon (black cat), too close to the chicken. Honestly, the first few times the chicken was braver than me, which people thought was hysterical.

Seek Information

One of my neighbors, my Facebook friends, and I were concerned about where this chicken came from. We didn’t think she was wild, but what happens if she got hit by a car, stolen, or some other misfortune. It was during a walk where I felt compelled to travel down a side street that I never bothered with. Where I observed the chicken surrounded by cats on a front porch, which answered the question why she wasn’t fearful of Merlin and Rhiannon!

There was a young couple across the street from the house with cats and chicken, so I asked if they knew who owned the chicken. Turns out, they owned her, Hermione, and I met some of their other chickens. I informed them about the distance she walked, that’s far for her chicken legs, and how I fed her bread. They were fine with me feeding her and told me to keep any eggs.

Bak-Bak Gang with Mommy
Hermione with her Mommy and Flock

Everyone was relieved when I spread the Hermione chicken news.

Don’t Put Your Eggs in One Basket

Even though I’ve practiced this with my eBooks among other things, it is funny the way Hermione reinforces this chicken lesson. To my knowledge, Hermione hits up three houses during her daily food walks; however, we all agree she probably has more.

My neighbor who lives across the street, not only feeds Hermione, she also leaves water on the porch for the chicken. One day, Hermione ate, drank water, and took a nap on my neighbor’s doormat. Ah, the life of a chicken.

Not only has Hermione been fed by my next door neighbor, but has walked into her house twice! The first time she grabbed her camera because no one would ever believe that a chicken walked into her house. Another time, my neighbor was in her backyard and shooed the chicken away from the backdoor. When she went to the front of her home, she heard Hermione pecking her door from inside of the house. Giggle, that’s one bold chicken!

Chicken Dream meanings

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

Answer – because she was full from the neighborhood’s feeding her and went home to take a nap!

Chicken Crossed the Road

Share the Wealth

The hens are finally catching on to Hermione’s activity! I was feeding her and saw another chicken running across the road. Then, I fed both chickens.

When my mate came home, I told him that instead of telling my chicken story, I emailed him a picture. Hence, the lesson of a picture tells a thousand words. Upon opening the email, his response was, “Two chickens! I can’t believe there are two chickens!” Grin!

2 chickens

Flock Together

Hermione still comes alone in the morning; nonetheless, there are now three chickens in the hood at dinnertime! Perhaps more biker chicks will join them? We were trying to figure out a name for them and finally agreed upon a name I often call Hermione – the Bak-Bak Gang!

Stay tuned for the next chicken adventure…

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Lessons From a Chicken

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