Hair Analogies for Dream Symbols and Goals

The idea for this blog, “Hair Analogies for Dream Symbols and Goals,” came about from two of my LinkedIn posts. One post compared our hair to our dream symbols meanings. The second post used my ditching the hair dye journey for the timing to reach a goal. Whether you’re having a good or bad hair day, this blog for you.

Hair Analogies for Dream Symbols

One of my missions as a dream interpreter is to stop people from using dream dictionaries. Why? Dream apps and dictionaries are similar to a child’s ABC book. A child needs to learn the basic alphabet, yet they quickly move on to form words, sentences, paragraphs, and so on… When you want to understand your dream meanings, a dream app is helpful for those who are new to dream interpretation. Although it’s important to take the author’s meanings for a symbol with a grain of salt; instead use it to do a check in to see if the meaning is right for your dream or to trigger the right message. Once you have the general foundation of symbolism, ditch the app and go within for the correct meaning.

Let’s use the hair analogies for dream symbols.

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LinkedIn Post

Recently, I was thinking about how dream symbols’ meanings were similar to our hair. Everyone’s hair is different. Let’s look at this analogy. There’s straight, wavy, curly, and kinky hair. Lengths vary too, anywhere from bald to past the butt. Everyone’s ‘true hair color’ is unique. People with straight and wavy hair can brush and comb their hair when it’s dry. If I brush my curly hair when it’s dry, then I’m ready for my Halloween outfit!

How often we wash our hair varies. My mate has to wash his hair every other day, or it gets greasy. If I did that, my hair would be like dry leaves. Instead, I wash my hair every 5 to 7 days. Products are similar, too. I tried the Kinky-Curly Come Clean shampoo and my hair screamed for a ton of conditioner and leave in. While my man’s hair looks great when he uses this product.

Hopefully, this helps you to recognize how dream symbols’ meanings vary. Your symbols and dream’s meaning depend upon your society, experiences, relationships, personality, present obstacles, and much more… Instead of reaching for a dream app, ponder on what a symbol means to you.

To learn more about general dream messages for hair, please read “Dream Meanings for Hair.”

Hair Analogies for Goals

As some of you know, when I ditched the dye, I went cold turkey. March 11, 2023, was three years since I got my hair painted. Here’s the video I created to celebrate my three year silver anniversary.

LinkedIn Post

This video is a reminder of how goals take time and work. The beginning is awkward, like my skunk line. While the halfway point feels better, yet we’re eager to finish the goal. And as we get closer to the finish line, it’s exciting with a bit of sadness that the journey is almost over. The path will heal your inner and outer self!

A Goal’s Journey

I would like to dig a little deeper into my LinkedIn post.


When you begin a goal, it’s normal to feel insecure and awkward because you are learning a new skill and path. There will always be naysayers who say you can’t do this; do it anyway. Think about and visualize your desired outcome. Remind yourself often why you are working on achieving this goal.

Halfway Point

Sometimes this is where people give up as it may become harder, yet you’re so close. You may receive unsolicited advice on what you should do. Keep going, ignore the critics and undesired feedback, and then congratulate yourself for the strength to continue the journey.

Close to the Finish Line

How exciting it is when your goal is just in sight. You’ve worked so hard to get here! But don’t be surprised at the wide range of emotions that will come up. Fear of it all coming crashing done. You might desire to isolate to either keep this achievement to yourself or not to deal with other’s jealousy. Perhaps you are feeling superior and want to show off. There’s nothing wrong with tooting your horn as long as you’re NOT putting others down. Remember, but for the grace of God go I. Or you could be feeling a little sad that it’s almost over. All these feelings are okay and lessons for your journey.

You Achieved Your Goal

It’s important that you bask in the moment and celebrate with others when you accomplish your goal! You deserve it after all that hard work. When you are ready, set another goal. And don’t forget to help others who desire where you’re at.

Final Thoughts on Hair Analogies

Hair, dream messages, and goals are important for us humans. Hair is not only a billion dollar industry, it’s a part of who we are. No wonder we have dreams about our hair, and why different people have different meanings for the hair symbol. Dream messages occur every time we sleep, attempting to guide us in life and with our goals. Setting goals is important for our personal and spiritual growth.

If you would like to read about my hair journey, check out This Curly Woman Went Gray located on my books’ page. If you need help with your dream messages and goals, visit my services webpage.

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