Quotes From Psychic and Mediums

To my surprise, during my research, there weren’t many quotes from psychics and mediums. Here are nine that I hope you enjoy.

Your sixth sense should be your first sense. ~ Sonia Choquette

Please do not put earthly expectations on a heavenly experience.~ John Edward

The signs of the zodiac are karmic patterns; the planets are the looms; the will is the weaver. ~ Edgar Cayce

Let your intuition guide you, but also use your head and take responsibility for the free will choices you make. ~ Theresa Caputo

The psychic world is a dimensional plane that you can gain access to. It is a dimension of feeling and clear seeing. ~ Frederick Lenz

I can assure you that those who have already passed have not only made it to the Other Side, but are in a state of bliss. ~ Sylvia Browne

One of the most useful and important ways to be able to use your psychic gifts is to learn how to read what’s happening in your very own body. ~ Catherine Carrigan

It isn’t that easy to live according to intuition, yet, it’s so totally cool once we can get beyond the other voices and hear our intuition. ~ Echo Bodine

The spirit world is able to get through to you easily when your mind is still and clear. Meditation is often referred to as ‘sitting in the silence.’ Whenever you want to reach Spirit from this side of life, start by sitting in the silence. ~ James Van Praagh

May these quotes inspire you to get in touch with your spiritual gifts!

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