Introducing a Free Dream Interpretation Gift Package

Ta-dah! After a few years, my free gift has been updated to include two more gifts!

People who come to this site will always find the gift How to Remember Your Dreams useful. It’s interesting to see what blogs received the most views and the blogs about dream journals always obtain a ton of reads. Which is why I wrote the free eBook Got Dreams? Discover Your Ideal Dream Journal that is now part of the package in a PDF. The last gift is a coupon for 25% off the eBook Learn the Secret Language of Dreams that is redeemable at Smashwords.

You can receive these gifts by signing up for my mailing list. Did I hear a groan? I comprehend how annoying it is getting inundated with tons of emails, whether that’s daily or weekly. Believe me, I’ve unsubscribed from my share of email lists. This is the reason why I only send out one email a month and an occasional special announcement. If you’re one of those people who signed up to just get the free gifts and unsubscribed immediately, then I’m glad you have the information. Although, you’re missing out on future valuable dream analysis information.

For more details of the dream interpretation gift package, please click free gift.

If you prefer to only have a copy of Got Dreams? Discover Your Ideal Dream Journal, please visit the books web page for eBook links to receive a free ePub or mobi copy.

Wishing you many sweet and interesting dreams!

Dream Interpretation Gift Package has 3 free gifts

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