Get Answers in Your Dreams and Waking Life

Every night, your dreams are sending you messages while you sleep. What are these messages about? They can be about: denied emotions, future events, visitations from your departed loved ones, and guidance. Many times your dreams are similar to a Guru’s advice on how to solve problems and life direction.

Yes, your dreams do supply you with answers; hence, the category of solution dreams. Solution dreams are one of my favorite styles of dream that I often use. To learn more about this dream category, please click on this site’s category for solution dreams where there are posts on this topic. In some of these post, I mentioned there are times when your answer might not come into your dreams, yet appears in another form when you’re awake.

Eleven ways that you may receive your answer:

  1. Song lyrics.
  2. Signs on the road while driving.
  3. Books, whether that’s a book falling off a shelf or seeing the same book over and over.
  4. Numbers on a clock or elsewhere, which you will discover the meaning through numerology and/or angels numbers.
  5. Image posts on social media.
  6. An unexpected article, blog, or email.
  7. Oracle or tarot cards in physical form or online.
  8. Text or call from someone.
  9. A movie, television show, video, or commercial.
  10. Someone else’s conversation that you overheard.
  11. Or having a light bulb moment.

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Of course, there are other ways your answers appear. Perhaps you’re thinking those eleven things are just a coincidence? As a dream interpreter and from doing psychic readings, I’ve learned to consider everything that occurs with a client. For instance, once I was giving a reading to a woman about her boss, when out of the blue my two cats interrupted our session with a cat fight – meow, grr, and hiss! I was about to go on with the reading, when a flash about the fight’s symbolism hit me of how their cat fight related to the reading, which I passed on to the client. In other words – everything happens for a reason.

Then, there are times solutions come through both your dreams and waking life for extra validation. This is what happened to me and the inspiration for this blog. Hopefully, my experience will assist in some manner.

Pamela’s Experience

In the past six months, my business has undergone some major changes. As many self-employed people know there are many ups and downs in business to accelerate our doubts and fears. This is what happened to me recently. Since I recently did a guest post for Angelorum about Sleeping with Your Tarot Cards to get answers to your problems, I decided to take my own advice.

I placed the Isis card from the Daughters of the Moon tarot deck under my pillow while asking my angels for dream guidance on my business. Sadly, sleep didn’t happen right away. At one point, I opened my eyes, turned my head to observe the time – 11:44 – an intuitive feeling overcame me that there was significance in these numbers and I grabbed my tablet. In general this means new direction. Then I was guided to choose an online tarot card and received the strength card of being strong while being loving to overcome obstacles. Yuppers, even before I fell asleep guidance was coming.

When I eventually fell asleep, I dreamt:

Working at my desk, Merlin started to make the sound of a hairball being stuck in his throat. My response was, “I don’t have time for this.”

As I was awakening, I knew there was more, yet it slipped away. Yes, even a dream interpreter’s dream flee away at times. However, there are messages in this short dream segment such as:

  • Take the time to express yourself.
  • Stop being so wrapped up in business problems.
  • Continue your work despite objection from others or yourself.
  • Warning you of an upcoming hairball.
  • Merlin lets me know he needs more attention; twenty-four hours a day would be preferred!

Honestly, it’s probably all of the above meanings, since I cleaned up Rhiannon’s hairball instead of Merlin after getting out of bed. What’s really awesome was the morning after this dream I was guided to two different oracle decks for my message of the day, the cards guidance was about transformation, perseverance, and compensation. On social media there were posts about being yourself while walking your own unique path. Talk about confirmation!

Did my story inspire you to understand your nighttime and daytime messages? If you need assistance with dream interpretation, please visit my service pages and click for spiritual growth help.

Solution dreams and 11 other ways your answers may appear

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