How Dreams Change as You Age

Did your dreams change as you age? In my blog and last podcast episode, I will mostly speak about dreams that we have during the daytime. Although, our dreams of the nighttime often point out our desires to achieve goals in life. You have a choice to continue reading or listen to the eleven minutes podcast on  the player down below.

I will go over two different aspects when it comes to our dreams. The first is having an inclination to do something, whether that is to: write a book, create a business, be an actor, become a doctor, or whatever it is. These dreams remind me of when a teacher asks their young students what they wanted to be when they grow up – a police officer, astronaut, president or other occupations their young minds come up with. These dreams are important, yet often go by the wayside. Why?

First Aspect

  1. Not enough money to go to school.
  2. It’s not our Dharma; meaning that we were meant to do something else with our lives.
  3. Got married, raised a family, and put our dreams on hold.
  4. Now is not the time. For example, for years I wanted to write a book, even attempted once. Yet, I needed more life experiences before I could write my first book.
  5. Allowed others to discourage our pursuits.
  6. Lastly, laziness or giving up. Many people crave the title of something and go all gung ho; however, when they realize the work involved; they either say forget it, it will never happen. Or they would rather go out with their friends, watch TV, or anything else, than do the work.

My advice to you is not to give up! It doesn’t matter if you go to medical school when you’re fifty, or start a business at sixty, or graduate college at ninety-five. Whatever your heart’s desire, please go for it!

Second Aspect

The second aspect is something that I am guilty of and that’s having too many dreams on our plate. We want to do everything. It’s funny because I hear two different sides of this. Many business experts say to focus on one thing in order to market your business. Yet, I’ve heard other people say that it’s important to have two or more money making skills, because if one thing dries up, you have another way to make money.

Have you ever gone to someone’s website and thought to yourself, they do so many things; how can they be good at all of it? Well, as humans, we often have more than one skill, but we only have so much time. And as we go through life, our desires often change. Just like who we would want as a love partner at twenty-five, will be totally different when we’re fifty.

As you grow and change, your dreams change

Pamela’s Experience

Now, I’m going to share my experience with this and why I’m letting go of my podcast.

Perhaps, it started with my first full time job, where I did many aspects at a men’s clothing store: cashier, answering phones, stocking shelves, bookkeeping, and more. This could be the reason why I’ve always done many different skills since 1993 during my self-employment – hypnotherapist, energy worker, massage therapist, a short stunt in matchmaking, wedding ceremonies since I’m an interfaith ordained minister, dream interpretation, psychic readings, coaching, writing, and being an author. Whew, I’m just tired listing them!

For almost a decade, I focused on love relationships and being a psychic coach. The dream interpretation was always there, but never the main focus. I wrote 3 books on love and relationships, while writing two columns for Bellesprit Magazine; one for relationships and the other interpreting people’s dreams. Then I wrote a book on dream interpretation and a year ago wrote the book, Personal Growth Affirmations.

In 2018, I had three websites, a podcast, wrote three columns, had a Facebook Group, and was blogging two blogs for two of my websites! At the end of 2018, one writer’s job ended, I let go of the relationship column for Bellesprit Magazine, and I combined two of my websites to stop focusing on love and relationships, and more on personal growth and spirituality.

Recently, I got an Askashic reading from Kay Sanders, who was my guest on a prior episode. I highly recommend listening to it. In a nutshell, the reading said it is time to focus on what I would love to do and let go of what is no longer needed.

In my meditations, what kept coming up for me was dream interpretation and all the projects I can do around dream analysis. When I focused on just the personal and spiritual growth, no projects were coming up. With the dream interpretation I came up with a bunch of classes, two books, and even an oracle deck. Now, here’s the cool thing – I can combine the dream interpretation with personal and spiritual growth. You see, just like a goal a person has, if you just think about it, but don’t apply yourself and do the work – nothing changes. So if you’re receiving dream messages on what to do, clear up issues or whatever, you need to do the personal and spiritual growth work to use the wisdom of your dreams. This is my goal to interpret your nighttime messages and help create the daytime wisdom.

Okay, so once again, I’m adding goals to my plate. What do I need to remove? First, my Facebook group that I don’t have the time and honestly the desire to work on. The second thing to let go of is my podcast. As much as I love podcasting, I know the time spent on and all the work involved in a podcast, which needs to be spent on my heart’s desire and projects instead.

Podcast Pointers

If you’re unsure of all the work a podcast takes or are thinking of starting your own podcast, here are some pointers:

  • Having the proper equipment: studio microphone, digital audio recording device, audio editing tool, and quality headset.
  • Setting up your room to be a soundproof as possible.
  • Preparing your show by writing it or having notes to avoid sounding unprofessional by winging it.
  • Audio recording the show.
  • The long process of audio editing, which takes longer when you have a guest on the podcast.
  • Writing show notes for the podcast episode and your blog.
  • Uploading your show.
  • Marketing the show.

Hopefully, by sharing my personal experiences, it not only motivates you to achieve your dreams, but to accept that’s it is okay to change your dreams and work on new goals. As you grow and change, your dreams change.

With sadness I say goodbye to my podcast, yet I have left my audience with forty-six episodes, which is better than nothing.

Of course, I will still be writing posts for this dream interpretation blog. Plus continue offering my dream interpretation services, creating more online courses and live classes/workshops, and writing books.

How Dreams Change As You Grow


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