Dreaming of Birds

Birds have always fascinated humans, whether we are awake or dreaming because we wonder what it would be like if we could fly. Birds’ dream meanings can have thousands of interpretations depending on the species and the dreamer’s feelings and experiences with birds.

Nine Dream Meanings of What a Bird Could Mean:

  1. You are ready for flight in an area of your life.
  2. Expression of freedom.
  3. Spiritual messenger.
  4. Feelings of joy.
  5. It is time to express yourself.
  6. Be part of a group.
  7. Leave the flock of people you have been hanging out with.
  8. Stop squawking (complaining) about things.
  9. Sing or write a song.

As always, I encourage you to dig deeper into what your dream means and not take the above possible dream meanings or a dream dictionary definition to heart. You are unique and so are the interpretation of your bird dreams! Your feelings, past experiences, and what is occurring in your life need to be taken into consideration, as well as what’s occurring in the dream and other symbols around them. Let’s use four different bird species to empathize this point.

Dreaming of Birds


  • If you’re feeling stuck in your life, dreaming of a crow is showing you that it’s time to transform. Why? Crows are considered as shape shifters; therefore, it’s time to shift on to something new.
  • For someone who considers crows filthy birds, their dream could be about a person or situation they consider gross.
  • Crow is my animal totem (guardian spirit) who in the past has guided me: to give me validation for an action to take, a source of comfort, or even what direction to take when I’m lost by following their flight path. Hence, because of my experiences a crow is giving me a spiritual message.


  • For someone who is or was in the United States military, this dream could be representing your feeling of patriotism.
  • If you’re feeling weak in a dream, the eagle can be a symbol that now is the time to be strong.
  • Dreaming about eagles may represent that you’re protected from harm, since it is illegal to hurt an eagle in the United States.
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  • To feel joyful when dreaming of a hummingbird could symbolize that happiness is in your future.
  • If you’re in an unhealthy relationship, to dream of a hummingbird flying can mean to make a quick getaway, since they fly so quickly.
  • Dreaming of a hummingbird symbolism may mean that no matter how small or insufficient you felt in the past, you have made accomplishments.


  • Did you have a parakeet in the past? Perhaps this is your deceased parakeet visiting in your dreams.
  • If you have been wondering if winter will ever be over, dreaming of a parakeet is showing you that warmer days are coming.
  • Dreaming of a parakeet may also mean your pet is communicating with you in your dream. This happened to me a few days ago. Pedro is the inspiration for this blog and he’s in the pictures at the end of this blog post.

All these different possible interpretations aren’t meant to overwhelm you, instead they’re meant to inspire you to examine your dream to discover its true meaning.

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PedroPedro on Kitchen CabinetPamela Cummins PaarakeetParakeet Pamela Cummins

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