Dream Interpretation Quotes

It’s time for three dream interpretation quotes that include my feedback to empathize why it’s so important to interpret your dreams, how your dreams show the truth of your reality, and the reason your dream language is so difficult to understand. 

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First Quote

A dream which is not interpreted is like a letter which is not read. ~The Talmud

In case you’re wondering what the Talmud is, in a nutshell, it is a book for studying the Jewish law.

This is one of my favorite dream interpretation quotes because it shows the importance of your dream messages. Sadly, many people think dreams are gibberish or have no idea how to interpret them. Granted, it’s easier to read a letter than interpret your dreams; however, you are missing out on vital information that can be useful for your life problems and growth.

Second Quote

There is no denial in the dreamtime, only subconscious and spiritual truths. ~ Pamela Cummins

What the quote from my book, Learn the Secret Language of Dreams, is referring to is situations in your life that you have been denying or ignoring don’t disappear, instead they come into your dreams. Therefore, your true feelings, the truth of your relationships, problems, and life direction will appear in your dreams of the nighttime.

Learn the Secret Language of Dreams
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Third Quote

Dreams say what they mean, but they don’t say it in daytime language. ~Gail Godwin

This is what frustrates people! You see the dream language is so different than the language we use when we are so-called awake. The language of dreams is more difficult to learn than Chinese and Latin combined. Why? Our subconscious and unconscious minds use one or more symbol in a dream, which can have hundreds of different meanings. Different feelings – anger, joy, fear, and so forth changes the dream’s messages. Past, present, or future experiences affect a dream’s meaning. Unresolved issues come into play in dream analysis. Other people, animals, and other forms of nature have an impact on the dream. Most important of all is that everyone’s dream language is unique. Which means you and I can have the exact same dream and feeling – but have a totally different message! Also, one dream can have one to two to three different meanings for a person and they are all correct!

Yes, dreams do say what they mean; however, understanding their meanings takes time, skill, and dedication.

Would you like to understand your dream meanings? I can help you by interpreting your dreams or teach you how to analyze your dreams with my services or online courses.

Dream Interpretation Quotes



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