Live on Kickstarter – Dream Interpretation for the Mystical Soul

Are you ready to receive my 8th eBook, Dream Interpretation for the Mystical Soul, and other digital goodies before the public? I’m also offering discounts on all my dream interpretation services, which you can use for yourself or give a loved one a gift certificate.

People often get Kickstarter confused with GoFundMe. I’m not asking for a donation, instead I’m offering products and discounts on dream interpretation services not available elsewhere. In fact, I will not put the eBook on any book platform until March 2024.

If you never used Kickstarter before, here’s how it works.

  • Go to my campaign at (FYI, you do NOT have to download the Kickstarter app).
  • Click on the “Back this project” button and choose your reward.
  • When the campaign ends your card will be charged if I reach my Kickstarter reaches its funding goal,
  • Next I will send out a survey to collect your details, like your email address, if you want to use the reward as a gift, etc.
  • Your goodies are delivered and I contact you about the services.

Please pass on the information to anyone who might be interested. Again, the link is

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