Our Alligator Adventure

Our Alligator Adventure in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA was interesting and so much fun even though it was our second visit! If you have never been there, I highly recommend you go! If you had a dream about alligators, please read Alligator Dream Meanings.

Pictures of Our Alligator Adventure

On this visit, there is a wider age range with the gators. I separated them into three categories.

Infant Alligator

There were a bunch of infants there. Here’s a closeup of one.

Infant Gator
Infant Gator

Baby Alligators

Yes, I do baby talk to all animals, including baby alligators. Here’s a quick video I took on my phone.

Baby Alligators

Juvenile Delinquents

Check out this video I took on my phone of most of the juvenile being lazy punks. Yet there are a few delinquents moving around.

3-5 Year Old Alligators

White Alligator

Personally, I think white gators are really cool looking. We interrupted this guy’s nap for a photo shoot and video.

White Alligator


Check at those teeth. I bet they would hurt! A crocodile’s snot is longer and straighter than the alligator’s rounded snot.

Crocodile Teeth

Other Reptiles

They have a wide variety of reptiles too. There are all kinds of snakes, lizards, and turtles.

Here’s a video of gigantic turtles eating.

BIG Turtles Eating

Other Animals at Our Alligator Adventure

I love the owls, flamingos, parrots, a hyena, lemurs, and other animals they have. Check out these two short videos of bobcats and ostriches.

Two Bobcats
Two Ostriches

Final Thoughts

Did you feel like you joined us during our alligator adventure? I hope it inspires you to go. It’s worth the trip and there are other things to do at Myrtle Beach.

I’m thinking of creating another oracle deck from all the pictures we have. If you would like to create an oracle deck, please read Want to Create an Oracle Card Deck. In the meantime, check out my four decks at the Game Crafter.

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