Dream about a Marble up My Husband’s Butt

My client laughed and said, “I had a weird dream about a marble up my husband’s butt.” As funny as her dream was, it wasn’t a nonsense dream. All dreams have meaning and need to be analyzed. She was nice enough to let me use the dream for this blog.

The Dream about a Marble up My Husband’s Butt

Here’s the dream:

I noticed something reflected off my husband’s butt and realized it was a shiny silver marble. I asked him if he was okay. His response was, “Don’t you worry about it.”


Every dream has more than one meaning. Let’s go over five dream meanings for this one.

First Interpretation for the Dream about a Marble up My Husband’s Butt

My first thought was her husband was hiding something. It could be money since the marble is silver.

Second Interpretation

Another dream meaning is there is a health issue in her husband’s anus and colon. It might be a reflection of his diet. Or a tumor about the size of a marble.

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Third Interpretation

Giggle, it could also mean that her husband is a pain in the butt.

Fourth Interpretation

This dream could be a message for my client to stop questioning and worrying about her husband and marriage.

Fifth Interpretation

One of Carl Jung’s theories is everyone and all symbols in a dream are YOU. Therefore, her dream is about her inner male side being blocked. She will shine (like a shiny, silver marble) if she gets unstuck and balances her inner female and male. What I mean by this is to be balanced in her intuition/logic, strength/gentleness, and creations/manifestations.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed the dream about a marble up my husband’s butt and the five interpretations. I felt compelled to share it because it’s a great example of how even the funniest and shortest dreams have many meanings. Perhaps you can think of another interpretation?

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