Trusting Your Intuition Despite Other’s Opinions

We all have intuition, yet trusting your intuition despite other’s opinions is not easy to do. People call it a gut feeling, a hunch, a still small voice, or a knowing. This is a gift, although many people disregard it by making excuses of why not to listen to their intuition. However, they usually want to kick themselves in the butt after experiencing a horrible outcome, which they could have avoided if they had followed their gut’s advice.

Another contributing factor of why people don’t listen to their intuition is other people’s opinion. How many times have you allowed someone’s words to stop you from doing what you know is right? We all have done this. This lesson happens again and again until we learn to stay in our own truth.

Not Trusting Your Intuition

Here’s two examples of this (with made up names) of what can happen when they didn’t listen to their intuition:

Trusting Your Intuition About a Person

Susie meets Kenny and something felt off about him. She couldn’t put her finger on it, but had a hunch not to accept a date with him. When she confides her feelings to a co-worker, the co-worker responds, “He’s so nice, give him a chance, and go out with him.”

On her first and only date with Kenny: he takes three phone calls, claims he lost his wallet at an expensive restaurant, she pays the entire bill, and fights off his octopus hands on the cab ride home. After the date, Susie wished she had stayed home in her jammies and read a fantasy book.

Trusting Your Intuition About a Career Choice

Ben loves playing his guitar and his band has an opportunity to tour around the nation. His inner knowing is pushing him to go; however, his family convinces him not to go and work in their business that one day they will hand over to him.

On the tour, Ben’s former band received a record deal and becomes famous. Meanwhile, Ben is stuck in a business that he loathes. He often thinks to himself – if only I went on tour and didn’t listen to my family’s advice.

The latter example may seem extreme; nonetheless, it happens all the time.

Why People Don’t Validate Your Intuition

Why do people talk you out of listening to your intuition? For these following reasons:

  • They love you and are afraid you’ll get hurt.
  • They want and think they know what’s best for you.
  • They are speaking from what they believe is true.
  • They think they know better.
  • They are jealous.
  • And for many other reasons.

Trust Your Intuition

It takes courage to follow your inner wisdom despite what others’ opinions are. Yet, pay attention, then act on your intuition. The worst that can happen is it leads you down an uncomfortable path. There will be a lesson for you to learn. Perhaps the lesson was to assist you in your spiritual growth or that you listened to your ego instead of your intuition. At least you lived as you believed.

Lastly, remember that opinions vary. What’s true for someone else doesn’t mean it’s true for you.

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*Originally posted June 11, 2019

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