Cat Rules for Love and Business

The inspiration for writing a blog about cat rules for love and business came from my recent LinkedIn post. *Originally posted 11-21-21. This post’s idea happened during a morning walk, where I came up with the following business analogies. Then I realized that it would be appropriate for love relationships, too. Actually, the following cat wisdom rules could purrfectly be applied to all areas of life.

My whole life, cats whom I never met before, have approached me to rub up against me and for me to pet, during my stroll in a neighborhood. How does this apply to mine and your business, plus love relationship? With the following three steps:

Cat Rules for Love and Business First Step

Upon seeing a new cat during my walk, I purr, “Hello, Kitty,” while allowing the cat to decide whether to come up to me. If I boldly walk up and attempt to pet her/him, the cat might think – stranger, danger!


This is the same method I apply to new clients by: writing blogs, being active on social media, guest blogging, being a guest on a podcast, and so forth. If I do cold emailing, bombard my services on social media and other types of those hard marketing practices, people will RUN away like a kitty!

Love Relationship

When you are seeking your life partner and use pushy tactics during your man/woman hunt. It sends out a beacon of neediness and/or aggression. Those approaches will repel a potential love relationship.

Cat Rules for Love and Business Second Step

Once a cat decides to approach me, I allow it to sniff me, make a gentle attempt to pet it, and back off if it doesn’t want to be petted. In other words – I “patiently” allow it to go at its own pace. If it is meant to be, the cat will eventually allow me the honor of petting him/her.


This is another method I use in business. It is important to allow a potential client to find out about me in a way that is comfortable for him/her. Whether that’s making comments on my social media posts, emailing me about my services and products, and deciding to make a purchase.


This tactic is very important when for a love relationship! Unless you desire to have an unhappy and unhealthy relationship. Rushing into a relationship is a tactic that abusive people and sexual predators use for their prey. Instead, good old-fashion courtship is the way to go.

Cat Rules for Love and Business Step Three

Today, a beautiful Siamese cat who knows me as a safe human, saw me, and started running towards me. It head butted me and rubbed up against me like crazy. I petted it and it rewarded me with lots of kisses. When I went to leave, the cat didn’t want me to go. Then the shy, long hair cat who lives in the same household, meowed and ran towards me for attention. When they both had enough love, they walked away. (More rules after the video pin that was taken a few days later.)

Shh, don’t tell my cats, Rhiannon and Tiger, about my purrfect neighbors


You know where I’m going with the last cat analogy. These are my ideal clients. They want what I have to offer and approach me. I work with them on their terms, while helping them to the best of my ability, and allow them to walk away when it’s time. Trusting that when they need me, they will contact me. Just like when it’s time, my Siamese and long hair friends will come to visit during my walk.


Step three is a sign of a healthy relationship. Allow your mate to show his/her affection, while understanding the need for space to do their own thing. Trust that if the love is real, your partner will return to spend time with you.

In Meow Conclusion

Purr, purr, hopefully you will apply these three cat rules in every area of your life. If you need help with this, your spiritual growth, or need a dream interpreted, please visit my services and shop pages.

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