Benefits of Tarot and Oracle Cards

First, let’s address the elephant in the room for those who think tarot cards are evil. If you believe tarot decks are for devil worshipers, then you better never, ever play go fish again. Because playing cards are also used as a divination tool. For those of you who read the Bible, you will find verses that are for divination, as well as against, to learn more about this topic, click Alternatives Magazine. Yet, upon observing Jesus’ stories in the bible, not only did he do energy healing and performed magic by turning water into wine, Jesus also was psychic enough to know one of his apostles (Judas) would betray him.

Differences between Oracle and Tarot Cards

Oracle Cards

There is no set number of cards in an oracle deck. Oracle cards can be about any topic the deck’s creator desires; therefore, you will find oracle subjects on: angels, archangels, romance, fairies, animals, crystals, and so forth.

Many people, especially beginners, choose oracle cards because they’re easy to read, simple to understand, and require very little schooling. Usually, a card will have the main descriptive message on the card itself and additional information if there is a guidebook. No studying and feeling safe with oracle decks are two reasons someone will choose these over tarot cards. Oracle cards are often works of art.

Tarot Cards

Understanding tarot requires more education, studying, and time learning than oracle cards. Tarot is based upon a system, although slight differences may occur such as additional cards or different names for the Minor Arcana suits depending on who created the deck. Usually, there are seventy-eight cards that have twenty-two Major Arcana and fifty-six Minor Arcana. The Minor Arcana is divided into four suits (fourteen cards within each suit) often called Swords, Pentacles, Cups, and Wand.

The majority of tarot decks have pictures with the title of the card; for instance, a card could have a picture of a woman sitting on a throne in front of water, holding a cup and the words “queen of cups” on it. Although, some decks have made it simpler for students by writing a description on the card. In my opinion, this extra information interferes with the meaning of the cards and a reading can be misinterpreted.

Tips for Reading Tarot Cards

To aid you in comprehending each card, observe the card or place it on your third eye in the middle of your forehead while allowing your intuition to state the card’s meaning. Once you have a basic understanding of the card, then find its meaning within the guidebook. Also, sleeping with your deck will allow the cards to go deep within your subconscious mind, and you may have wild, entertaining dreams about tarot!

Once you understand the main concepts about the Major and Minor Arcana, then it’s time to lay out the cards in a tarot spread. A woman once advised me to read the cards like a story; the story will change depending on what card is laid next to another card or cards and what choice of the many different tarot spreads is used. To learn more about tarot spreads, visit the Psychic Library. Personally, I rarely use a spread and just lay out the cards where intuitively I’m being instructed to place them. Sometimes a tiny picture within a card that you never noticed will suddenly stand out, changing the whole card’s meaning.

Can you understand how reading the tarot is very complex? And this is only a simple explanation. Why should you bother learning the tarot?

Seven Reasons to Learn Tarot

  1. During a reading, it’s easy to pick up on your client’s feelings and desires; the tarot will bypass this energy for information that your client truly needs.
  2. Tarot allows you to bypass your ego and codependency to please your client or friend with the information they want to hear.
  3. When doing a personal reading it’s difficult to manipulate the outcome.
  4. Psychic abilities naturally expand while reading the tarot and, in time, you’ll find that you are receiving information without the card.
  5. Tarot enables you to perceive symbolism on a much deeper level.
  6. It increases your personal and spiritual growth.
  7. Lastly, reading tarot cards is a blast!

Last Thoughts on the benefits of Tarot and Oracle Cards

One old wives’ tale regarding oracle and tarot card is you can only receive a deck as a gift and never to buy one. If you believe this, then you must also think that black cats are bad luck or cover your mouth when you yawn to keep a demon out!

It’s always nice to receive a deck as a gift. When you choose a deck for yourself, it’s important to go with your gut or buy two decks.

Now, it’s confession time! I’m a tarot and oracle addict, but there are worse things to be addicted to. Some of these were gifts, but I’m the proud owner of many, many decks. In fact, those are my decks in the photo on the top of this blog. I’ve even created decks at The Game Crafter.

How many decks do you own?

*Originally published August 23,2018

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