Dreams about Coffee

We have dreams about coffee as it’s such a staple in our lives. Usually we drink coffee in the morning, yet some people drink it all day, and even right before bed. Coffee can wake us up quickly, but understanding what coffee symbolizes in our dreams may not happen as quickly, especially for beginners.

Dreams about Coffee General Meanings

One dream symbol has many meanings depending on the dreamer’s feelings, actions, and other symbols in the dream. Then mix in your experiences, present circumstances, relationships, and future events to add even more messages.

These ten meanings can warm up your symbolism muscle:

  1. A situation or a relationship is perking up in a positive direction.
  2. You need to wake up about what’s going on in your life.
  3. It’s time to become grounded.
  4. Your life needs more sweetness.
  5. It would be beneficial to wake up early.
  6. Your business or job is or will be in the coffee industry.
  7. You will receive an invitation for a coffee date or a business meeting.
  8. Your body needs more energy.
  9. Someone is roasting you behind your back.
  10. It’s time to detox something from your life, since coffee acts as a laxative.
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Different Versions for Dreams about Coffee

Let’s play around with a dream using feelings and experiences. Here’s a simple dream:

Someone hands you a cup of coffee.


  • Anger – you’re a tea drinker and tired of being offered a cup of coffee.
  • Excitement – you always wanted to open up a coffee shop and feel this is a sign.


  • The hand reminds you of how your deceased mom would always make a cup of coffee.
  • You’re reliving yesterday’s nightmare because you spilled coffee on a friend while serving it.

These four different versions are just the beginning. Can you think of any other meanings?

What’s Pamela Dreaming?

My personal dreams inspire my blogs and I dreamed the following:

A former coach of mine was working at her coffee shop. We were talking, and she handed me my coffee order. The paper cup had holes in it and the coffee was dripping out. I thought to myself about how I needed another paper cup that wouldn’t leak.


My former coach (who doesn’t own a coffee shop) and I are still on good terms, plus I occasionally attend her workshops. Therefore, it isn’t about our relationship.

What it is about is my business. How my former way of doing business isn’t working while leaking out rich goodness. It’s time for me to wake up and contain all the hard work I have done. I also need to find a different way of doing business.

This was confirmed during a conversation I had with my prosperity buddy. She reminded me of how I always talk about combing this website and pamelacummins.com into one website. She encouraged me to start the process.

Hmm, that makes sense to me. I’m still in the works of how to change and operate my new cup. If only it was as easy as asking someone for a new cup. I’ll keep you posted.

Final Thoughts

Did the ten general meanings for dreams about coffee, one dream’s different versions, and Pamela’s dream help you understand your dream? If not, check out my dream interpretation by email service.

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